Long Time, No Blogging!!

I wrote my last post in March. MARCH!!! Honestly, I just don’t know where the time is going. Days blur into each other and I’m clearly struggling to keep up, and finding time to blog just hasn’t seemed like a high priority; at the same time, it’s a really important way for me to keep in touch with my online friends, and to promote my sewing (when I have things other than curtains and blinds to show) so I shall be making a firm and proper effort to get back into the rhythm.

DSC_0021DSC_0064Both the boys have had Birthdays.  DSC_0008 2It doesn’t seem very long ago that they were so little.  F is now so tall I have to buy him clothes for a 13-14 year old (and they only just fit) and they are both becoming very ‘grown up’ which I kind of like, as they are great company.DSC_0013F is just about to finish his time at Primary School and in a fitting tribute, his ‘Monster Letter‘ has finally died.DSC_0003I don’t feel very sentimental about it all, really, he’s ready to go and I think Secondary will suit him better anyway, so onwards and upwards on that one.

DSC_0008In the ever on-running saga of our luck with animals, Elvis(eena) the shoulder riding chicken died 😦 Which was sad, especially as it was whilst F was away on a school trip, and she was his chicken.

(I have been MUCH better at blogging on my other blog, if you’re interested, although it’s mostly about chickens at the moment: Rock Cottage Year)

DSC_0142And Tuppence was killed on the lane, which I was absolutely gutted about. She was bringing home a mouse, and was knocked a good two meters through the air after being hit and then left, before someone walking down the road found her body and came and kindly knocked on my door.DSC_0008We still have two guinea pigs, a load of chickens (as I allowed two to hatch out some eggs) and Birdie, the fur ball cat (Tuppence’s sister). I keep making jokes that animals will run in terror when we try to buy/adopt them in future, but the joke becomes less funny each time we lose another beloved pet.


On a plus, I’ve finally started using my Instagram account ( @thelinencat )and can see already that it’ll likely be more active than my blog. I’m a bit crap at the moment, but I’m getting into the swing of it.IMG_20160621_114821And there is lots of sewing going on, just not so much photographing and listing….yet.IMG_20160622_101422Let’s hope this is the turning of a new leaf and I can keep it up.  As above, onwards and upwards 🙂


12 thoughts on “Long Time, No Blogging!!

  1. Lovely to see you here Beth… I’m afraid my personal blog is all dust and cobwebs. Your boys are looking quite grown up but I really agree with you, our big boys are 14 and 15 now and really decent chaps and good company (so far!). I’m off to look you up on Instagram 🙂

  2. Awe Beth I’m really sorry to hear about your poor little creatures especially how horrific it was with your little cat, she was such a beauty, its so hard to losing them.

    How big have those gorgeous boys got, I can’t believe it, i’m glad they’re good company for you.

    Lovely sewing as always, its good to see you on IG, I must admit I really don’t blog much now myself, I much prefer IG.

    V x

    1. We’re a bit unlucky with the pets, V, I think we need to take a good break before considering any more. I did notice that you and Mia are very good with your IG-ing, funny how things change and move on, I never did quite manage the Twitter thing, so perhaps IG is the one for me 🙂 Bxx

  3. So good to ‘hear’ from you. What a shame you’re having such a bad time with the pets……….never easy. I hadn’t red your other blog for ages and really enjoyed catching up on your chicken posts – that hasn’t helped with my desire to have some hens!
    Your boys look so big now. Hope the transition to high school goes well. Finn has been loving it and Angus goes after the summer too. It is lovely seeing their personalities and thoughts develop isn’t it? We have some occasional tricky times with Finn in teenage mode but he’s still a very sweet and kind person underneath so I’m sure he’ll be fine in the end! Juliex

    1. Oh you must get hens…seriously they make great pets and the kids love them AND you get eggs – bonus! I’m dreading teenage mode, but I sometimes feel like F is already in it – ha – it’s like having Perry and Kevin in the house sometimes. Hope Finn reaches the other side soon! Bxx

  4. Oh Beth I’m so sorry about your hen and sweet cat….how sad. What a time you’ve had. I’m glad your lovely boys are well…they are certainly growing up so fast. You’re a wonderful Mum and it’s so good to hear what great company they are. Enjoy the upcoming summer holidays…..I have been so busy since April I’m not sure how I had the time to work..lol…we must arrange a meet up. Hugs xx

  5. Hey dear Beth,
    so lovely to hear what you’ve been up to, glad to hear your boys are well, they are growing up so fast, wishing F the best for secondary school, sure he will enjoy it 🙂 I’m so sorry to hear about your beautiful Tuppance, that must’ve been very hard for you. And Elvis the amazing haired chicken, so sorry to hear about them. At least they had a lovely pampered life with you, you love your pets so much, I reckon their lucky to have a home with you and your boys.
    I’ve just returned from a hen weekend at a festival in Devon (my sister is getting married soon) and heard some great music, thought you might like ‘the correspondents’, a band I’d never heard of but they were great live. Hope you’re enjoying your summer Beth, can’t wait to see your sewing 🙂 love safxxx

    1. Hello Lovely Saf
      Thank you for you comments and for the music recommendation (off to track that down now, for a listen). F is excited to move on up into Secondary, I think it’ll be a good thing for him, and we’re really looking forward to the summer holidays, I’m especially excited about not having to do school run for a few weeks! Hope you’re enjoying these super sunny days. Love Bxx

  6. Sorry to hear about your losses :(. Our sole remaining cat has been missing for two weeks now, I’m not sure whether it is good or bad that we haven’t had that ‘knock at the door’ this time … yet… The house feels very sad with no cats.
    Hope you’re having a good summer with the boys despite these sad times. S x

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