New Furries…

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 13.21.10I updated the shop, yesterday, adding its ‘Winter’ front page. I was slightly loathe to do so, as if feels like some of defeat, in that I haven’t completed the much-needed re-design, but time is running out to list any new stock for this year, so needs must. I’m now about to spend the day updating all the stock.

dsc_0144Some things, amazingly, have been made but have been unlisted for a while, such as these three, final, tweed bunny purses. By the date of the above photo, I was sewing these back in September of 2015 and even then, they have been cut out and dumped in a box for at least two years. I imagine I was hoping to take really good photos of the finished purses over the summer, as I don’t plan to make them again (big fail there, by the way, no photos were taken). As it is, I’ve just listed them with my original images.

dsc_0232dsc_0230iPhoto has a new thing where ‘related’ photos pop up when you look at an image, it was nice to see these photos of an original bunny purse from 2010. I’d made it for myself, to take to a party (hence the shoes and the weekender bag) and back then, you could fit a mobile phone in, as they were small; not a chance these days.dsc_0271Oh and the original line up of second generation bunny purses! See, now I’m getting all nostalgic and instantly want to make more, in fun colours. No, Beth, you will only find yourself swearing and trying to contain the tears of frustration when attempting to align the zips so they open and close smoothly (concealed zips on a tight curve are never a good idea!!!).img_20160911_085005Summer has been….interesting. We’ve had the drama/trauma of settling F into secondary school, which hasn’t been easy and is ongoing. He’s at a great local school, one we waited a long time for on the waiting list (as he was desperate to go there) but he’s struggled with the move, as many kids do; it’s a big change going from a small primary to a huge secondary school and with the added stress that F is a ‘quirky’ child who doesn’t do change very well, we’re all a bit exhausted at the moment.

I’ve been sewing blinds and curtains, hence the lack of blogging as they just aren’t very photogenic. I did take the above snap of my Sister’s cat napping on some curtains I’d made for her….Winston has definitely decided that they are intended purely for him to sleep on.frederickWe have (another!) new cat, this time from Battersea, called Frederick. We missed Tuppence a lot, so we decided to brave another. I’m hoping he wont get ill/break a leg/turn out to have caliciviris etc. I think we deserve to have a cat with no complications, although Birdie, our original RSPCA cat has never had any problems (fingers crossed!).img_20161013_190521Freddie also likes laying on curtains, apparently.

Right, I have to go check my stock levels and update everything, then finish some binding on new Christmas aprons so I can actually photograph and list them BEFORE Christmas. That’s the plan, anyway 🙂

9 thoughts on “New Furries…

  1. Awe good to hear from you Beth!
    I love my bunny purse, it is always on display…..much too pretty not to!!
    I hope your little man settle into school as you say it is a big move, I remember the move myself with trauma and that was a gazillion years ago!
    Your new little puss is gorgeous and of course all cats think everything is for them!! 🙂
    V x

  2. Hey dear Beth,
    so pleased to see you on here again, have missed reading your blog 🙂 Hope your F is ok and adapting all right, it can be a real struggle with the change of it all. Hope it all settles down soon for him. Your new puss Freddie is so cute, very handsome chap! I love your sisters cat Winston too, they look so cute draped over the curtains! Your both so lucky to have cats, there my favourites 🙂
    Your bunny purses are gorgeous, I especially love the deep red collars and grey tweed combo. You have an eye for colours going together. Don’t worry, I think you do well, you are working and a mum and its hard to juggle everything so don’t feel like you’ve failed with your website re-design , I admire that you work so hard to keep it all going. It will all come in good time. I actually really love your website as it is! Hope your well Beth and life is treating you well, love Safxxx

  3. How lovely to see your post in my inbox Beth, I often think of you and hope that life is treating you well. Life gets so busy doesn’t it. Your new cat is a delight and I really hope he has no problems. ..You really deserve a stress free cat. It’s lovely to see your gorgeous bags again and I hope they sell really well for you. We must try to arrange a meet up at some point next year..the last few months just flew away. Enjoy the run up to Christmas and take care. Hugs xxx

  4. It is so lovely to be reading your posts again… Your winter makes are looking gorgeous. As is the new kit! Sweet. Do hope things have settled for F during this term, it must be a big change for all.

  5. Our bunny purse is always on display too. It hangs from Gwen’s wardrobe door knob. So pretty! We’ve been in the throws of secondary school transition too. Thankfully its been trauma free so far, but certainly not without its tricky moments. It really is another world away from primary isn’t it? I struggle with the pace at which they’re growing up. I have strict rules with Gwen about social media (she has none so far) but then feel guilty as she is pretty much the only one of her friends who isn’t on Instagram/Snapchat etc. Arghhh. I go through moments where I think I may as well relent sinceI feel like the meanest mother in the world. Then I’ll stumble across something pretty horrific on Instagram and think that once she’s seen something horrible she can’t ever ‘unsee’ it (she’s very innocent/naive). I know I can’t control this forever but I’m hanging onto the little control I have for as long as possible!

    1. My two have a fairly open access to the internet and their laptops, but I do sneak at what they are watching and we talk a lot about safety and kindness to others, respect etc. I think it’s different having boys, they don’t have any interest in the gossip side of things, and don’t really chat to their friends online, so we kind of avoid the whole ‘mean’ side of things that I know cased quite a lot of trouble for the girls in Primary school. They also have quite naive and innocent views on swearing etc, so they don’t tend to be exposed to anything that’s too grown up as they luckily self regulate (ie shut it straight off and come and tell me!). It’s really difficult to balance and even harder now a lot of F’s homework is online. I’d have a very different approach if I had girls, I think. Bxx

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