Secret Cinema: Moulin Rouge

Oh it was good. So, so good. The big problem is you aren’t allowed to blab (which I totally approve of, I should add!) so I can’t go into much detail but the Secret Cinemas staging of Moulin Rouge was equally as good as the Star Wars event I attended in 2015 (see here).

DSC_0004As a re-cap for anyone not familiar with Secret Cinema, they stage interactive events based around a movie, where the audience come purposefully dressed and mingle in immaculately detailed recreated sets amongst actors, dancers, singers etc so the lines very much blur as to who is the audience and who is part of the production. You then eventually sit down and all watch the movie together, again in an amazing space with actors recreating scenes alongside. DSC_0006Some Secret Cinema events are known as ‘Tell No One’ events and for these you don’t know the movie in advance, although you can usually work it out from the clues. The Moulin Rouge event was one of their ‘Presents’ events which are large-scale numbers, where you know exactly what you’re going to see (past ones have included Dirty Dancing, Casablanca and The Lost Boys, amongst others – check out their site for a glimpse of how amazing they were!). After you buy tickets (be quick, all the best dates are gone in moments) you will get an email with some details on the event and you will also be assigned a character and dress code.DSC_0002You don’t have to worry too much about this, in all honesty. You will feel stupid if you turn up having made no effort at all, but if you choose to dress as someone else from the movie no-one will say anything. My sister and I were both ‘celebrities’ and the dress code was white, period costumes. I am incredibly lucky to own quite a lot of antique clothing so I managed to cobble together an outfit mainly from my stash. The skirts I wore were given to me and are very precious so I did worry a bit about wearing them, but they are in such amazing condition and I am generally very careful so I just went with it (I couldn’t decide on shoes in the above photo!).DSC_0015Again, I raided my cupboards for accessories (suggestions of which are also listed with your character details). You can buy everything you need from the pop up online shop if you don’t happen to have a hoard of antique clothing lying around!IMG_20170429_123742Nice photo of me looking moody….I can never take decent photos of myself, sorry. Oh and the ‘hands free’ bag was genius, of I say so myself, as you need your hands free for the glass of champagne you’ll be holding, when there 🙂IMG_20170429_125211~2You get some props listed along with your character and these might come in useful for bartering or gaining access to hidden areas (signed photos, in our case, with me on the right with my face stuck on some burlesque naughty photo….we were both ‘actresses’ to be precise. Clearly these are dodgy 5 minute Photoshop jobs but they were good enough). I quite enjoyed making these as well as getting my costume together….never say I wasted my degree – ha ha.IMG_20170429_164036The event itself was amazing. I can’t say much as the whole point is it stays secret, phones and cameras are not allowed and will be zipped up on arrival in plastic bags.

My top tips? Arrive early, there is a lot to see and do before you watch the movie (you will be required to choose an arrival slot when buying tickets). There is a lot of food and drink available, usually themed to the movie (amazing cocktails), but at London prices so bear that in mind, also you can only use credit/debit cards once inside. Don’t panic that you’ll be expected to ‘perform’ in any way, you can join in as much or as little as you like, but certainly learn your character name and your individual ‘story’ and ideally some of the songs you’re given as you’ll wish you had when everyone else is singing. When we saw Star Wars we did a lot of the interactive bits but this time we mostly sat at a little cafe table with a bottle of champagne and people watched…it’s incredibly difficult in some cases to work out who is an actor and who is the audience! Anything else….oh some people moan about the ticket prices, which are usually tiered (we went for mid price so we could sit down for the movie, because we are old and quite frankly knew we’d appreciate a seat, but the Children of the Underworld who were standing below clearly had a fabulous time!), I think the experience is worth every penny.

Go, if you can, you’ll love it!


7 thoughts on “Secret Cinema: Moulin Rouge

  1. Hey dear Beth,
    looks like you had a wonderful time! I love your lace outfit, you look beautiful 🙂 I love ‘The Moulin Rouge’ film, the costumes and look of the film and can imagine the secret cinema put on a wonderful show, worth every penny 🙂 Love the old photographs! On a side note, I must say to I really love your book shelves (random thing to notice I know) but they look so cool, hope you have a lovely weekend coming up, love Safxxx

    • Hello lovely Saf,

      Moulin Rouge was awesome, you’d have loved it. Funny you should mention the book shelves as I recently gave my bedroom a makeover so they are new, as is the vintage fabric blind you can just about see….I spent forever picking the fabric! I am supposed to be blogging the new decoration, but the truth is it’s only half done, so one half of my room is lovely and fresh and tidy and the other half looks like a bomb site, with DIY stuff piled up and clothes everywhere! Ho-hum. I’ll get it done one day…probably just in time for the freshly painted bit to need doing again – ha ha.

      Hope all is well with you, I miss blog world and had hoped to stay in touch better via Instagram, but I’m doing a poor job of it, at the moment.


      • Love the green shade of your walls with your vintage curtain fabric Beth, it looks gorgeous together, you do have an eye for fabrics and décor you know. You should be an interior designer! I’m always saying this to my mums friend, she is also good with her home décor and has an eye too, her whole home is blue and white but it looks amazing! I love your green theme going on though. Don’t worry, it will get there, you should see our place! Were not allowed to decorate in it but it still looks like a bomb hit it and I try all the time to sort it out, there aren’t enough hours in the day is there?! Hope life is treating you well, I know what you mean, will try to do Instagram more too, to catch up with you, love safxxx

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