Getting things done…

It’s hot. I’m tired. The news this week has been depressing and horrific. DSC_0007I find it quite difficult to get motivated at these times, I tend to flit from one job to another and the less I get done the more frustrated and demotivated I get and I simply don’t have time for that, basically. So, the fan has been brought out of the shed (it was 29 degrees in the studio, this morning, when I opened the door!), I have a jug of iced cucumber and mint water on the go (or I forget to drink and get quickly dehydrated), music is playing and I’m making a point of working through project boxes that have been on the go for months.DSC_0008Open projects are kept in stacked Ikea boxes and I’d like to see the pile reduced. I’m also making a point of developing designs that use up all the supplies I already have, instead of buying anything new (tweed pencil cases are on the agenda and possibly peg bags).DSC_0005Today, badgers are finally getting their noses and I’ll be getting familiar with the buttonhole maker on my new(er) Bernina later. I hate doing button holes. I must remember to never design anything that can be ruined by the button hole at the final stage, as that’s just depressing.DSC_0006Brooch backs will be next, then a big photographing session and lots of new product listings.Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.28.53I’ve been re-designing the website for months, so that’s my evenings sorted. I started this process so long ago and it’s far from complete but felt I just had to go with what I have so far and I’ll keep tweaking it live. I need to decide on a banner/logo/text but I’m happy with the direction it’s going in.

That’s all. Regular short posts are the way I’m heading as, like my project boxes, the possible posts just stack up and never get finished!

6 thoughts on “Getting things done…

  1. I’m so glad to see that you got going Beth, sometimes you just need to’s like me looking at a blank piece of card. Once you put something on it you are away! Keep cool, it’s glorious weather. The news has been aweful, we need our creativity to keep sane.Hugs xxx

  2. Lovely to see you studio Beth and works in progress, must feel so satisfying to finish your work, it’s beautiful 🙂 your website is looking good to, like its simplicity, very stylish. hope you have a lovely weekend, it’s so sunny, good for gardening and bbq’s, xxx

  3. Hello dear Beth,

    Loved seeing your NEAT project boxes, if only mine were like that… I am more sort of piles girl (and not a neat pile, so you get the picture…), and tend to wander from one thing to an another… uh. Your badgers and brooches to be look perfect, you’ll have full shop of happines soon!

    And oh yes, it’s me, long time no see&all but boy I am happy to be back! See you soon again!


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