The Little Things…

I find great comfort and enjoyment from the little things, especially when life feels out of my control and the world does feel like it’s slipping into chaos, at the moment. I live in a messy house (it has two little monsters who don’t know how to tidy very well!), I love it when it has just been cleaned and tidied, neatness and order make me feel calm, but I’m also a realist and accept life is not always neat and tidy so I settle for little snatches of order in everyday moments.DSC_0064Stacks of sharpened pencils make me happy (I’d be happier still, of this fabulous and practical sharpener didn’t ‘chew’ them in order to work….but you can’t have everything!), in this case ready for the start of school after our week long holiday.BowieI love watching the chickens when I’m working in the kitchen, I find them entertaining, they make me smile….I don’t usually allow them on the kitchen table, but Bowie was attempting to hide from the other cockerel and he just suddenly hopped up there to hang out with a nice little stack of wrapped birthday gifts, ready for Felix.DSC_0100As anyone who has read this blog for a while knows, I LOVE neat little piles of finished sewing work, especially things in my favourite colour combinations (of which green and pink is one).DSC_0102I quite genuinely took a few moments to line these brooches up once I’d sewn all the pompoms on…sad, I know. Just the leaves to add and then the brooch backs to attach.DSC_0099It’s all about pink and green at the moment, even the view from my studio is conveniently matching, with the shed unintentionally echoing the colours of the Eglu.DSC_0052A rose I planted on Smelly’s (the cat) grave has flowered for the first time and even that is obliging my sense of order by being all matchy-matchy.DSC_0096And my favourite moment of this morning, apart from saving a fortune on home insurance and energy bills (seriously, I just halved our energy bills by shopping around!) was managing to finish sewing the little green outfits above with *just* enough thread.DSC_0103I’m working hard, at the moment. Foxes and badgers are stitched and just need to be dressed and photographed. I have aprons (made last year but not yet listed), tweed purses, new flower brooches and some Christmas bits ready too. I didn’t get as much done in the half-term as I’d have liked, but we did have fun hanging out together and I worked quite a bit in the evenings.

Time to go make some poached eggs for lunch, yet another thing that will make me happy and the added bonus of keeping chickens!

7 thoughts on “The Little Things…

  1. Hey Beth,
    I know what you mean about finding happiness in the little things. I too love home and little things at home make me happy too. It feels like a sanctuary from the outside world (which as you say with all the awful terrorism going on) is no bad thing. Love your beautiful flowers and fox and badger outfits, such gorgeous colour combinations πŸ™‚ glad you’ve had a lovely half term with your boys, must feel satisfying to have got so much work done too! Lovely to see these happy snippets of your home, love Safxxx

  2. A tidy house is a joy…not often enjoyed Chez Stitches! πŸ˜‰
    I love, love, love your garden. Mine is like the Somme at the moment at the gardeners rip out old raised beds and overgrowth and put in new fences and a barked play area for the trampoline. It’ll need a couple of weeks to settle but I’m already planning some of the plants. One day it will be a pretty as yours. Sadly without chooks. I thing George the demented dog would be far to unwelcoming to them.
    PS…I have an old style school pencil sharpener that clamps to the desk should you desire. It’s a wonderful thing that brings me more pleasure than is probably normal. Sharp pencils are a delight.

  3. I always love your photos of your creations all lined up! And how satisfying is it when playing ‘thread chicken’ pays off?

  4. Hi Beth,

    Beautiful little (and bigger) things around you these days! All pink&green so lovely, and those happy critters in that box just make me smile: I saw Mr.Fox earlier today, much much loved still, now the best friend of second 3 years old (the little sis)… Your creations are perfect, happy making!


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