Glyndebourne 2017: La Traviata AND Don Pasquale

This year I was spoilt rotten and got to go to Glyndebourne twice!

For those who read this blog often, you’ll know it’s a big treat for me to go to Glyndebourne and I enjoy everything about it; the opera, the costumes and sets, the food and the dressing up. I was trying to describe it to a friend and it came across as just posh…which I guess it kind of is…but I tend to think of it as being more eccentric and very, very ‘British’. Not everyone brings a picnic or dresses up, but most people do and I relish the chance to wear ridiculous clothes I couldn’t really put on for anything else.IMG_20170801_100908As always the eyelashes come out. I have a small collection of these now, all from Paperself.IMG_20170801_095435I wore the birds, again. These have been on the go for years now, partly as I chop down the full lashes into sections and also because they can be removed and re-worn a number of times. They have stood up to this amazingly well, considering they are made from paper.IMG_20170801_103628Even just the small section produces quite loud lashes (I put them on early and generally before the rest of my makeup as for the first hour, I feel like there is a butterfly/spider on my eye! After a while I forget I’m wearing them).IMG_20170801_121551And I wore these! God I love these shoes. They were on my wish list last Christmas and I was super lucky that my sister bought them for me. They are definitely not for everyone, but I like them and couldn’t really give a stuff if other people do or not, people are generally polite enough to hold their comments back and just pull incredulous faces, which I can accept. They are from Irregular Choice, who are famed for their slightly bonkers heels (and they have a sale on, as I type).IMG_20170801_125420I figured the loud heels were the star so wore a nice, plain, black wiggle dress. Cue grumpy photo….I really don’t like having my photo taken, even when it’s me doing it so sorry I always look like I’ve got the hump.IMG_20170801_121706Finally, the bag, in this case one of my two Sarah CulletonΒ clutches. I love this too, especially with its little vintage brooch, Sarah adds one to each bag she makes and I really do think it’s the finishing touch.sdzcitild0majm0qp3b6This first outing was to see La Traviata, which was (as you’d expect from Glyndebourne) both beautiful to look at and amazing to listen to.o31xu4kxjgoqdt2dbalaFor trip two (which was in the same week…I know, I am so spoilt)IMG_20170805_120812I wore a beautiful dress my Sister gave to me.IMG_20170805_120922 2with matching stockings! I get excited about matching stockings; sad, I know. What Katie Did have plenty to choose from and their new coloured seam stockings have even deeper welts which are much comfier if you have *ahem* rounded thighs, as I do.IMG_20170805_120600For both trips, I set my hair overnight in pin curls. I’m getting better at the brush out and sleeping in pin curls is much easier these days. It does damage my hair, though, so it’s only something I do for special occasions. It’s a shame I didn’t get a photo of the back as I managed a proper Rita Heyworth wave, which I was rather pleased with.IMG_20170805_144215For the first trip, I was with the usual group of ladies, and we ate in the restaurant as the weather was initially set to be a bit grim. Annoyingly it turned out rather sunny and although the food was delicious, it felt as though something was missing by not enjoying a picnic in the beautiful gardens, so for the second visit (just me and my Sister) we brought out own food…and a table…and chairs…plus candles and flowers…you just have to, it’s part of the fun even if you do look a chump carrying it all across the grass in your high heels. We were quite jealous of the group who had set up a table next to us and had brought a candelabra!IMG_20170805_163910~2It was lucky we had one eye on the weather and a waterproof picnic rug to cover our table and food as just before the performance a brief storm hit. It was quite dramatic seeing everyone run for cover in their finery, packing up as much as they could carry as the thunder rumbled above and the heavens opened. The sun was back by the long interval, so all was well.tzxtj5hq2wuitfnvvbcdThis second outing was to see Don Pasquale, oh what a treat!uhe4z2w8ft82emtgioblThe rotating set was very, very clever, the costumes were fabulous and mixed with the comic story and beautiful performances was a real winner, for me.Β wtpvyd1bxqdp8garw5urI’ve never been disappointed by anything I’ve seen at Glyndebourne, but this was one of my favourites.ueocl429opj8x2giskqvWhat will it be next year? If I get invited next year (fingers and toes crossed)….I think the swan shoes need a few more outings yet πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Glyndebourne 2017: La Traviata AND Don Pasquale

  1. I really enjoy reading the Glyndebourne posts. I live nearby and love to see it in action. I also love the details of your outfits. Thank you for posting.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post, as I always feel a bit self-conscious posting about ‘me’ and clothes and ‘posh’ days out but they really are very, very rare in my life so I relish the opportunity to get the nice frocks out and put some make-up on.

  2. Hey dear Beth,
    so lovely to see snippets from your trip to Glyndebourne πŸ™‚ Love your swan shoes!!! There amazing, I think my sister would buy something like that, she also has lots of sparkly outrageous shoes, lovely πŸ™‚ I love the look of Don Pasquale, the costumes are beautiful, it must be a wonderful experience and a treat to go with your sister πŸ™‚ You look beautiful in your outfits, love your curled hair and eyelash makeup, very 40’s, thank you for showing us, I love these posts of yours. Do hope you and your boys are keeping well, love safxxx

    • Hello Saf. I dream of a vintage cupboard with glass doors for my shoes, and ideally some lights inside! I permanently have my eye on cheap Ebay options, the swan shoes need to be on display, but I don’t want them to get dusty. Sad that I spend time thinking about shoe storage but that’s the joys of having my own house, I can do exactly what I like and I do love that. We are well, thank you, just surviving the holidays which I both love and hate at the same time (love the slower pace of life, the lack of homework and school runs, but tire of being a permanent referee and the house being a pigsty!). I have lots of stuff that still needs photographing and listing but think it’ll have to wait until the boys are back as I can’t concentrate on photography with them around. Hope you are keeping well, I need to drop by Instagram to catch up on everyone’s news. Bxx

      • I love the idea of the shoe cabinet with glass doors!!! If I owned my home I’d love to put up wooden shelves for Victorian and Halloween finds (obsessed with books and I collect postcards from that era too), a girls can dream πŸ™‚ Glad to hear your surviving the holidays, H is off work too, he works at a school, so its all consuming when he’s there and its a relief for him at the mo (he loves it but is always knackered), we’re hoping to go the the bank soon to ask about whether they’d give us a mortgage, am terrified but have to give it a go as will never know otherwise, hope it goes ok, its my dream to have a place to call home πŸ™‚ Hope you get lots more glamourous outings soon! I love your outfits and reviews of the experience so much, love safxxx

  3. How beautiful do you look? Va va voom! And how awesome are those lashes? I totally need some of those in my life!
    I adore Glyndebourne. I agree that although it sounds posh, it’s actually just very, very British. In the best possible way. I’ve only been once, to see Don Giovanni, many years ago. I would very much love to go again. Maybe next year now the wee bears are a little bit older and happy to be left for a night or two with the grandparents!

    • Thank you, that’s very, very kind of you to say. It was definitely very British as we went out for the main meal in the interval and people in posh frocks just sloshed all the water of their picnic tables and got on with their soggy but still lovely picnics. Trust the weather to play up, but loved that no-one really cared. We stored our food under the table so we were lucky it was all fine. Such a treat to look forward to if you do get to go again, especially when you have kids, it’s just so nice to feel grown up again!!

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