Falling In Love Again…

I’ve really struggled this year, even more so than normal. I have been balancing my plates quite well, keeping everything spinning (just!) and I’ve completed a lot of shop sewing as well as blinds and curtains over the summer but I’ve struggled to get things photographed and listed and blogging has pretty much ceased.DSC_0154In an effort to kick-start the process I made a point of setting days aside in half term to get the camera and tripod out and photograph things properly (as opposed to my phone and Instagram). I was surprised at how much I enjoyed myself and it made me realise how much I quite like the things I make! Sounds stupid, I know, but I worry sometimes that my work isn’t hip enough and the competition for selling online is so much more intense than it was when I first started out, it’s increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.DSC_0155But I think half the battle is remembering to enjoy yourself if you make things you like, I figure the chances are someone else out there will like them too.

So my job for the next week is editing, taking more photographs (I think the good the light has gone for this year *panic* and before I’ve managed to photograph the Christmas ‘red things’ which is a bit of a disaster) and updating my site. It’s a slow process but it’ll happen and all will be well 🙂

11 thoughts on “Falling In Love Again…

  1. Hey Beth,
    glad to hear your well and good, looks like you’ve been very busy making things! Love your beautiful foxes and badgers 🙂 The colours are wonderful and really ‘pop’, love your flower brooches too. I really like how your work is seasonal and so connected to nature, best sewing out there 🙂 I think it will look so well in your shop for Christmas this year, sending my love to you and your boys, Safxxx

    1. Hello Saf. Thank you for your lovely comments and for still being there to read my (neglected) blog! I’m a bit sad that most of my listings are really summer things, this year has simply flown by so I’m rushing to just get everything up there. I need to catch up with everyone else’s news, I’ve really missed all my internet friends so hopefully, I’ll be back on track soon. Hope all is well with you and H. With love, Bethxx

      1. Hey Beth,
        don’t worry I struggle to keep up with everything too, think your work is really beautiful though, so I reckon it will be lovely for Christmas in your shop 🙂 I’m not ready for Christmas either, but like you trying to finish things to get ready, why does time fly by so fast! Glad to hear your well and your boys, we’re currently trying to escape renting and find somewhere else to live (we might be trying to get a mortgage) fingers crossed the bank won’t reject us. Hope you’ve been well, looking forward to seeing your Christmas makes, your blog always makes me feel so christmasy! Love your beautiful sewing, love Safxxx

  2. Excited to see your new products! Your work does stand out from the crowd because of the beautiful designs and because of the attention to detail. I look forward to seeing what is next.

    1. Thanks, Cat. I think when you are mostly staring at half-finished work (and I have a LOT of that!) it’s easy to lose enthusiasm so it’s been a real treat to have piles of complete work ready to photograph. The only downside is my fingers now hurt from editing – ha ha – all that scrolling and hours or using the eraser in photoshop.

  3. It is hard to keep blogging, I find a lot of people have stopped and turned to Instagram or twitter and facebook. I really am trying myself to keep mine going. I’m glad you have found some inspiration xxx

    1. I know and I’ve been especially bad as I’ve stopped reading too, so I need to get back to that, I imagine I’ve missed tons of your news! I think I might need to start using FB, but I’m worried I’ll struggle to keep up with all the various platforms of social media. Hope all is going well with you, I WILL be back to blog reading soon. Bxx

  4. It is lovely to read you blog today, i was thinking just last week that I had missed your posts. Your sewing is always inspirational and does stand out from others. x

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