Knapweed Flower Brooches

I think we’ve firmly established that a lot of my ideas can ferment for years before they actually happen and the recent flower brooches are no exception.thistleFollowing the success of the acorn brooches I wanted to make more things that are seasonal and a bit different to my regular flower brooches, but that will happily sit alongside them. I’ve been considering thistles since 2014 when I took photos especially, whilst out walking with the boys.IMG_20160809_115354But it never quite happened until we were on a visit to Yorkshire a year later and I realised it’s really knapweed that floats my boat, it grows everywhere there and I’m generally a bit obsessed by Yorkshire wildflowers so it fitted the niche exactly.IMG_20160810_135049Knapweed always makes me think of flower fairies tooGreater-Knapweed-Flower-Fairy and Beshlie’s beautiful illustrations.KnapweedThe brooches themselves took some time, partly because I worked on them in rather a stop-start style, as is often my way.DSC_0007But they did evolve, slowly.DSC_0067I really like them, they have turned out exactly as I’d have wished them to be and that doesn’t always happen!IMG_20170621_093534(1)They are a bit of a nightmare to package…DSC_0020but I don’t mind.KanpweedhandAnd I think they go up there in my top favourites; they really do scream Yorkshire to me and that makes me happy.Knapweedbest 3I need to take more product photos but I think it’s important I just start getting things listed so you can find them here in my shop and soon they will be listed on Folksy too.

My next job is to try and sort out the website a bit as the images are compressed in a way that they look terrible and there is still no banner, then it’ll be back to product listing – badgers, foxes and winter aprons to come, to name but a few.

6 thoughts on “Knapweed Flower Brooches

  1. Hey Beth,
    I just LOVE your knapweed brooches, love there shape and colours, they look wonderful 🙂 Its lovely there inspired by yorkshire and remind you of home 🙂 I’m always amazed at your construction with your brooches as they scream quality and I couldn’t even begin to know how to put one together so I think your really very talented at what you do. Glad to hear your loving making your work and I think your right about getting enjoyment out of it being the most important thing 🙂 You sound so organised, I’m trying to make a blanket for Bex’s baby she is expecting and I’m so behind (its due near Christmas) fingers crossed I can finish in time! Lots of love, Safxxx

    • Hello, again lovely Saf.
      I’m really glad you like them, I had a lot of fun working out how to make them. The pompom tops idea came about very quickly but the rest did drag out for years as I kept getting distracted by other things. I’m most happy when I make things I enjoy, I find sewing for the sake of it really mind numbing and it makes me quite grumpy. It’s a fine balance as I really need to earn money but I tend to enjoy the things that don’t really pay so well for themselves (in time, that is) and that’s not very practical. Bex is having a baby! How exciting!!! Good luck with the blanket, it will be such a special gift, even if you don’t get it done in time and it is given late. Bxx

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