Cushions and Curtains

I find it very difficult to make time to sew things for the house (or myself), these days, it feels like I’m ‘wasting’ my time when I have more pressing things to do, but I also get a bit down seeing daily jobs that need attention so I’ve really pushed myself over the past year to work through things from the never-ending list and I feel a lot better for it.IMG_20171109_092535Last week I took a day out to sew curtains and cushions for the living room. The curtains were desperately needed as it’s getting cold and the big square bay window can allow a lot of heat loss if not covered by a decent curtain.IMG_20171109_131320The curtains on this window are hung by an Ikea Dignitet wire. I don’t really do traditional curtains, in fact, I generally don’t do curtains at all as I prefer minimalist, modern coverings so most of the windows in this house have roman blinds (always hung outside the frame to allow for maximum light), but on this window blinds aren’t practical. The wire used to hang at the back meaning the small side windows allowed a lot of heat to escape plus it’s a bit creepy in the winter, I always imagine someone is out there looking in at me as I sit on the sofa in my pj’s, as you do. I moved the wire to the front and changed the curtain to one large one hung in a way that it folds neatly and mostly fits in the small side recess when closed, so you can barely see the curtain at all and it allows as much light in as possible. It’s hung oddly with the folds on the far side of the wire so that the curtain hooks show, which is probably not to everyone’s taste but I quite like this.IMG_20171109_131239I shrank the original curtains after washing them recently. Muppet. I’ve reused the fabric as it was expensive linen but I needed the new curtains to be washable and stiffer in order to get the neat folds I was after when closed, so I backed the entire thing in extra wide ‘Opera’ fabric from Tinsmith which has a canvas feel.Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 09.43.33It’s not something I’d normally chose but I really like the idea of it as a surprise backing fabric and it matched the pale green linen from the front perfectly, plus should I ever want to go floral I can reverse the curtains and have the birds and flowers on show instead of the plain linen. The curtain also has a thermal lining sewn into it and some regular curtain tape (purely for stiffness) sandwiched between the layers to aid the firm folds at the top. All the fabrics have been pre-washed and the curtain hooks are removable so it can be taken down and washed in the machine at home. IMG_20171109_093607I had some linen left over and it was a perfect opportunity to get some tapestry cushions made up that have been sitting on the spare bed for months. Everything has come from stock except the two pheasant tapestries, which I bought on eBay for pennies. I had planned to add piping cord but abandoned that idea knowing that these cushions will be heavily used and cotton piping tends to wear away quite quickly on the corners.IMG_20171109_131428In my mind they do look a bit ‘unfinished’ without some piping…or a twisted cord would have been nice too.IMG_20171109_131355But they are done and it’s another thing to tick off the list and that makes me VERY happy.

This weekend I am fitting skirting and painting, cooking Sunday lunch and baking the Christmas pudding! There is no rest for the wicked.

9 thoughts on “Cushions and Curtains

  1. Hi Beth, I really love your cushion and curtain you made, so impressed you can make your own, we need both but I have no clue how to make them! Your curtain looks very modern and really lovely 🙂 looks practical too. Love your peasant cushions 🙂 glad to hear you’ve had some time to make things for your home, it’s good to have some time for yourself even if you feel guilt about it, it’s important to do things for you sometimes. Good luck with your decorating and Christmas pudding! Love Safxxx

    • I thought about making a nice matching box cushion for the window seat but the reality is no-one will ever sit on it yet the cat will climb over it with muddy paws, daily! I had it re-made that way (with the books shelves under) when we had to have the window ripped out when we first moved here, it’s perfect for storing all my cookbooks 🙂

  2. All looking oh so lovely and welcoming… I agree that a piped cushion can look more finished, but yes it wears far quicker. Annoying. And not all cushion I think need the piping and these tapestry beauties are looking rather stunning without. What a satisfyingly busy weekend! Mine was spent at the pool. The whole weekend. I couldn’t even knit as it was too packed together and oh so hot.

    • Ah the pool. Soooooo glad I don’t do that anymore and mine chose to give up before going into the team swimming (I said they could once they’d reached the top ASA) so I’ve never had the joy of entire weekends (although a lot of my Mum friends do), good for you for suffering the damp heat, it used to make me feel quite faint in summer. Glad you think the cushions look OK without an edge, it’s slightly bugging me but I’ll get used to it, I think it’s just that I’d imagined them edged when I was making them. Still, I’d feel more annoyed with future frayed piping chord, I suppose!!

    • Hello Pam. Thanks for the suggestion. I did think of this but I’m worried my boys are so rough on cushions that they’ll keep pulling it off. I might have a go, though, as they do appear a little ‘unfinished’ to me. I’ve used silk rope before (on cushions and bags) but not cotton…the silk wears and pulls really easily but perhaps mixed coloured cotton would look nice and stand up to the boys a bit better?

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