12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Everyone!

  1. The trees are really beautiful. I love the setting for your house as well. And I am envious of snow. I know that people who live where it snows regularly don’t always enjoy it, but since it so rare for us in South Carolina, I love the snow. Thank you for that lovely photo.

    1. Hi Lucy. Thank you for commenting, glad you like the trees, they make me smile whenever I pass by them. We hardly ever get snow here in Kent, well we do get at least one tiny snowfall a year but it doesn’t always settle. The snow from the photo was very exciting for the kids, it was only a little bit but they enjoyed running around in it, sadly it was gone by morning and we haven’t had anymore 😦 I miss Yorkshire (where I was born) as it really does snow there and I have fond memories of sledging and getting snowed in…..another reason to move back! Have a lovely Holidays.

  2. Your house looks so lovely and inviting! And I love your assortment of Christmas decorations. Those red silky thread-wrapped baubles make me particularly nostalgic.

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