People who step into my home might not believe I’m a fan of decluttering and neatness, I am certainly never going to be a minimalist but I am actually quite organised and I do prefer a clean and tidy space (really!).  I’ve been working through the house attempting to decorate and complete any unfinished jobs; the main problem is time, I just don’t have any spare and it does take time to declutter and tidy, I sometimes lose momentum when projects drag out and I find I have to action lots of little tricks I know to keep myself going. I’m not in a position to pay anyone to do the work for me and I do quite enjoy knowing I’ve done everything myself, so it’s always worth it in the end.

I’m trying to apply the same principals to The Linen Cat; if I keep nibbling away at the endless list of ‘jobs’ things will get done and each tick eases the pressure a little.DSC_0081There are a number of items on the long list and one of those is getting the website completed as I changed the layout and style a while ago but couldn’t settle on a logo and banner. I don’t have much of a clue about working in Photoshop so I do my best with the knowledge I do have and I think it works, but boy, does it take forever!

Scan 2018-1-30 13.23.57The cat idea is from ages ago but I had abandoned it as it didn’t feel right at the time. On a re-visit, I quite like it again, so I worked up the sketches and created a banner that feels good, for now.

BlackCat3The collar went as she looked like a vicar cat….but she might get a bow around her neck, at a later stage and annoyingly, the banner used in the Create templates can only be stupidly narrow so there is no room to use extra text.CatSingle8 (1)

Too many other things to do right now, including a stock take and moving some pieces into the sale section to allow any further time on this. Another issue I have is being a perfectionist and sometimes I just need to know when to step away.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 13.31.47Nibble, nibble, just keep nibbling away and it will all be OK in the end.

14 thoughts on “Nibbling…

  1. Hey Beth, I really like your new cat banner, looks sophisticated with its simplicity 🙂 it’s all looking very neat and lovely on your website. Think you deserve a break and a piece of cake after all that as it’s a lot of work designing on websites, have tried it in the past and struggled so I admire your perseverance! Hope your having a lovely summer and a break somewhere in between all the work 🙂 love safxxx

    1. Ha – I nearly wrote that, that one of my ‘nibbling’ away techniques are rewards, usually a glass of wine or cake! Glad you like the new look, it isn’t all that new anymore as it’s been gradually forming for months now. Hope you are well, I have missed social media, need to get back to blog reading and Instagram. Bxx

  2. I do like the rather stylish cat, it will look lovely! This is the year of nibbling for us too (great description) and I have discovered it is a lengthy process… I am assuming my life will be miraculously organised and smooth if I can finish sorting those cupboards!

    1. Haha – oh yes, the dream of a changed life through nibbling away, I know it well 🙂 It does work though if you keep chipping away at it suddenly there are moments of satisfaction as things do get ‘done’. Good luck with your nibbling! Bx

  3. Love the banner Beth. The very wise Jenny Hyde taught me the concept of “Done is better than perfect”. It’s really helped me as I often felt paralysed by perfection – or rather the lack of it!

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