Time to say goodbye…

My youngest is about to make the move up to secondary school so it’s time to say goodbye to his primary. I pretend I won’t miss it, but I will; I’ll especially miss my daily snippet of adult conversation (I once read a blog post of someone who also works from home and they wrote about coming across as a little crazy when they finally got into the ‘real world’ by over talking and being a bit loony with enthusiasm about being out of the house and around people – I can relate!).DSC_0060We’re ready, though. The enthusiasm has gone now for all the little necessities of primary school; I’ll be happy not to have to magic a costume out of thin air with no notice to be worn for just one day, and I dream of not doing the school run (although with two spectrum children that won’t be possible for a good while yet, in fact, it’ll get worse as I’ll have a double pick-up – they will be in two different schools – with daily motorway drive then a stressful drive directly through town, between the schools).DSC_0009One thing we stopped doing ages ago was making teachers gifts. We started off well but then dropped into the habit of adding money to the class joint pot (actually, we used to do both). Looking through old photos whilst cleaning out my library I’m amazed at how much effort we went to, so here are a few (click on the titles to go to the relevant posts):DSC_0241(when were my kids EVER this cute!!!)

2010: Strawberry Jam and Lavender Birds


2011: Blackcurrant Jam, Little Birds and BagsDSC_0026

(Jam recipe is here)

2012: Apple Lavender BagsDSC_0012I can’t find a post for these but I remember I embroidered messages on the back of them for each teacher.

2013: Flower BroochesDSC_0044DSC_0050

2014: Flower Brooches and Linen MiceDSC_0066

The Christmas ones…

2010: Santas


2013: Chocolates and Little BirdsDSC_0049DSC_0054

There will have been other Christmas gifts but I can’t find them in my photos and I’m getting vertigo from scrolling on the laptop (not kidding, sadly).

As anyone with kids will know, the last few weeks of school are crazy, especially when in year 6 and it is definitely with mixed emotions that we will be saying ‘goodbye’.

14 thoughts on “Time to say goodbye…

  1. I am a teacher. Don’t underestimate how much your teachers’ presents will have been appreciated by the teachers. Your children will have brought them joy too.
    Very best wishes as they move on in their education.

  2. I still have some gifts that I received form children that I have had for over 20 years, one is a little felt stocking that was sewn for me by a year 3 girl. I am sure all of those gifts were treasured. x

    1. It’s nice to know they get kept. I do wish I had continued the momentum but life just became very busy and we have some lovely Mums who organise great joint gifts so it was easy to slip away from making them. Hope you are enjoying the summer!

  3. Hey Beth, hope your well and enjoying the summer. I remember reading about your lovely gifts you made your boys teachers and still think they’re great 🙂 I’m sure they really appreciated them. Henry is teaching now and is always very touched by cards and gifts his children have given him so I’m sure its the same with yours. Good luck to both your boys with there new schools 🙂 xxx

    1. I hope you’re having a lovely summer too, Saf. I am LOVING the rain today, it’s been wished for here for weeks. Well done Harry for teaching, I admire anyone who goes into the profession as I think it’s a very hard job to do. Bxx

    1. You and me both, Polly, although I think you mostly just get talked at by me. As for the still cute….not sure F is….he’s like a vampire in his teenage lair being moody and refusing to use sentences of more than one word, mostly delivered with a steely stare. Quick, turn back the clock! Bx

  4. Wow you did put lots of effort into the gifts, they were very lucky! Good luck to the boys at their schools and hope the school run is not to strenuous xxx

  5. I always thought your teachers did rather well with their gifts!
    I know what you mean about mixed emotions….even all these years later I remember those feelings, it was the realisation that they were growing up which I felt at the end of the school year even more so than their birthdays.

    1. Thanks 🙂 Yes, it’s quite odd thinking Charlie will be getting a bus into town on his own and stepping up to the responsibilities of secondary school. It’s such a big change, children become so independent so quickly at this point. Time is flying. Bx

  6. Somehow the end of year six doesn’t seem quite real for me yet… and yet in just over two weeks Patch will be leaving his magical school. They have got so much packed into these last few weeks that P hasn’t had time to think too much about it, but unlike some he would quite happily spend another year or two at his school! Such lovely teacher gifts, always so lovely to get a thoughtful hand made present!

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