Foxes, badgers and MORE foxes…

I know there were supposed to be more Christmas things coming, but I got distracted by foxes and badgers, I’m afraid (sorry to anyone who was waiting).BetsyPinkFox2I sold out of all ‘Woodland Animals’ after the Badgers were in Country Living so it seemed right to make more. It was originally an experiment in how long it takes to make them (let’s just put it this way, I am earning waaaaayyyyy below minimum wage) but I just kept going with new colour versions, as they were selling as quickly I could list them.PinkFoxTwinsFirst, there were some pink ‘Betsy’ boys. I’m not sure why I’ve never made pink fox suits before, it seems like a winner and they flew straight out of the shop.DSC_02791Then, after Saffa asked on Instagram if I might be making some girls I thought I would, so I made some pink caped lady foxes only I went with ‘Mirabelle’ as the print instead of Betsy. I LOVE Mirabelle, it’s one of my favourite Liberty lawns, there’s something about the strawberries and flowers on the white background that really works for me.MrsFoxPinkMirabelleI haven’t made girls for ages and it was quite good fun. They have red ric-rac sandwiched between the hem and I used some crochet flowers I already had rather than making new ones with my Hana flower maker. One flew straight off to the Netherlands!MrFoxBrightBlueNext, came a batch of bright blue boys. MrFoxBrightBlue2All the linen is offcuts from apron making and it felt really good to finally use it up. I have a habit of keeping all of my trimmings (in this case, quite big bits of trimmings, so well worth keeping!) but I can go a bit overboard with my reluctance to throw things away. The tweed wool for the bodies was also the final length and I (forced myself to) throw the scrap bag of leftovers from this once I’d finished my last fox. They really were little bits that were too small for even fox ears so it felt quite good to finally say goodbye to the bag which has sat in my scrap drawer for years now.

BadgersThere was a little badger interlude here as I’d had quite a few emails asking if I’d make more so I did one last batch of those.IMG_20181204_140320One of the reasons I made new foxes over badgers or wolves is so I didn’t have to make the brooches. It isn’t that I don’t like them, in fact, I think they finish the animals’ suits off in style, it’s simply that they take a really long time to make (they take the same time as a full-sized flower brooch) and I don’t really charge much extra, so it really is a labour of love.DSC_0318There wasΒ one exception. A lovely lady has bought a lot of the Woodland Animals asked if I could make a red fox in mustard. I pretty much never make to order as my life can get a little stressed and I hate the idea of letting anyone down so I decided years ago to always say no, but as I was making badgers in mustard anyway I figured I would make an exception (and I was happy to do so, I should add!)MrFoxMustardMr Mustard Fox got a special Liberty Betsy cravat in a colourway I imported from Japan. I only have a short length of it but it was perfect with the yellow linen. I then made a matching green auricula brooch. I have to say, I was really pleased with him….it’s a bit of a shame the weather was so crappy and dark so I couldn’t get a decent photo but he’s gone off to his new home.

Most of the foxes and badgers are gone now, I think there is a pink girl left and a blue boy, but that is all. I need a break from them now and I don’t plan to make more, certainly not in the near future but then I said that in my last post so never say never!

Screenshot 2018-11-23 at 14.16.26

In a feeble attempt to kick my social media mojo back into action I have finally started a Facebook page I have no idea if I’ll be able to keep it up, I think I just want to see what works best and I’ve not tried FB yet so you never know, it might be a winner! Time will tell πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Foxes, badgers and MORE foxes…

  1. These are all so wonderful Beth, not suprising they flew out! Merry Christmas, I pop over and say hi on FB! xxx

    1. Thanks, Jane and thank you for the FB follow. Hope you are well…it just tried to snow here for a moment – exciting! I still need to read all your news, I just struggle to find the time for blog reading (and writing!), but once the boys break up there should be some nice lazy days and I’ll be able to catch up. Bx

  2. So utterly beautiful as ever. Love reading about how they are made and your creative decision making process. Also… you have sent me down a Hana flower making rabbit hole as I remember having one of these many years ago! Very best wishes to you for Christmas.

  3. Hey dear Beth, love your beautiful Foxes! They and Mr Badger are my favourite things you make! I REALLY love Mrs Fox in pink, sorry I haven’t yet bought one, we’re having some unexpected building work done on the house which is costing a fortune but I’m hoping if I get some Christmas money I can buy one soon! I love Mr Fox in yellow as well! Loved reading your making process here, always think you are so talented, I love the little clothes you make them πŸ™‚ Hope your enjoying the build up to Christmas, love Safxxx

    1. Hello lovely Saf. I don’t expect you to buy a Mrs Fox, I know you already have some Woodland Animals and I can’t imagine you need more!! Save your money for the house. Glad you like her, though πŸ™‚ I do enjoy the foxes and badgers, it’s just a lot of work for little financial return. As you probably know, I tend to make things I enjoy over what makes the most money and I think I will always be like that so I might make more, in future. Hope the house is all going OK? Bxx

      1. Hey dear Beth, oh you are kind, I felt guilty for requesting miss fox in pink and then not being able to nab her! I still want to buy a miss fox though, she is beautiful πŸ™‚ I will always need more! Going to beg H to buy one for me! πŸ™‚ House is going ok, just didn’t know it needed so much doing to it when I bought it, just had a damp course put in, chimneys repaired, going to have all the heating ripped out on Monday and new radiators, then a new floor upstairs/ downstairs, am a bit bankrupt but it will be ok, just feels quite daunting at the mo. But I am grateful to finally have somewhere to call home soon. Hope you’ve been ok, I love your woodland animals, Mr Badger is a favourite too! Ah! You can be sure I will be adding to my collection as soon as possible πŸ™‚ Hope your having a lovely week in the lead up to Christmas, I’m not prepared as ever! Safxxx

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