Just had a mild panic there…thought I’d lost access to my own blog due to inactivity but was being a mumpty and using the wrong ID, phew!

It’s been an age, I know and I am also aware I start every blog post with this comment, I really am struggling to balance everything at the moment, but enough of my excuses, we’ll just crack on!

I found some random photos in my Library from past months…


I’ve been tidying through the house (in between sewing, looking after the boys and re-decorating – our home is getting past it’s best and looking very shabby in places and I can’t afford for anyone else to do the work so I’m becoming a whizz with power tools!). The boys, being autistic, don’t like change and it can be very difficult to get them to throw anything out but I’ve persuaded them both to clear through their things as long as I then agree to store them and these little mice turned up. I’d forgotten I’d made a bat mouse (or ‘Supermice’) for them all those years ago….three will be a green Supermouse and a vampire mouse somewhere too. Cute.IMG_20180909_152233New buckles for a beloved coat my Sister gave me – how lucky to find EXACTLY the same ones on the internet! What did we do before online shopping?IMG_20180913_150645IMG_20180913_154312IMG_20180924_124902And another great internet find, imperial size cover buttons so I could repair my vintage jacket (it’s only been in the repair pile for about 4 years or so now!).Pretzels

Last, a little pretzel message for me from my youngest – mad my day 🙂

Lots more posts to come as I’m quite ill with a stinking cold so I’m taking the day off sewing or painting or packing up lego to catch up with blogging….I’m at the repeat hacking cough stage…glad I do my Kegels!

2 thoughts on “Catch-up

  1. Hey Beth, lovely to see how your doing here. Sorry to hear your ill today, sounds like a good idea to take the day off so to speak and have a little break. That’s such a sweet message your son left for you ❤️ must be wonderful to be a mum. I too am going through all our stuff here as we’re finally moving out of our rented place into the new place but there’s so much stuff and the new place is very small so I have to throw things away, very hard! I sympathise what your boys. Love the gorgeous super mice you made them, there lucky to have a mum who can sew lovely things for them! hope you feel better soon, love safxxx

  2. Poor you… hope horrible cold goes soon. Gosh, I can relate to the home needing a revamp phase – we have lived here for quite a few years, and are now well passed the initial decoration stage, and tidy stage when everything had its place. Piles have been appearing everywhere for months – most sort! Love the style shirts you’ve been sewing… dreamy barkcloth. Lovely to catch up

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