Bright Silk Christmas Mice

Quite some time ago, I made little mice for Christmas, based on a vintage pattern that I had made when I was a kid.DSC_0139They were very typical of my taste at the time and of how my Christmas tree looked.DSC_0172But as happens, my taste has changed slightly and we’ve gone a bit more gaudy these days with ‘trash tree’ and it’s odd assortment of broken plastic deer, santas and 1980’s foil decorations.IMG_20181202_170900It seemed like a great opportunity to make new mice, something I’d always planned to do, but more fitting to our ‘new’ (to us!) decorations (well I say that, quite a few came from a trash bag Mum once started in the attic and I rescued them, like the sad little hoarder I am 🙂 ).

I had an image in my mind of white linen mice (the original ones were tweed) in bright silk skirts, no boys this time and I was quite fixed on blue and orange colours with something else for the third (hot pink?), channeling a tin of Quality Street for colour inspiration or maybe my newer love, Lindt truffles.DSC_0103Then I remembered my promise not to buy new fabric when I have plenty to use up. Boring. Oh well, orange and purple is not so bad and still fitted the brief. The  orange silk is lush, it  has a gold and hot pink crossweave, I will be very sad when it is all used as you can no longer buy it.

The first two girls were looking good, I was very pleased. I swapped out the bright white linen (as it looked wrong) for some oatmeal linen and added gold ric-rac for extra bling.

Screenshot 2019-11-12 at 10.13.29

Then I realised what the little mice really reminded me off – Cinderella mice!DSC_0106And I decided a little boy was needed after all, leading to a total inability to chose what colour he would be which went on for some days (as I carried on stitching the girls).IMG_20191122_145353Until I had a little girl mouse army going on.DSC_0107Then I bit the bullet and went for pink for the boys (I tried green and blue but that didn’t look right).IMG_20191129_121756After which followed more looooonnnng days of hand sewing. These mice take a really, really long time to make. Much longer than it appears.IMG_20191129_122027But I managed to binge watch all of Stranger Things (or re-watch, actually, as I’ve seen it all once) ready for a fantastic day out at Secret Cinema whilst drinking lots of peppermint tea from my new festive mug. Wild days. I know how to live.IMG_20191129_141710The final little touches!DSC_0140 2And a day of trying to photograph, edit and list them and they are finally done – hurrah!LindtMiceBoyI bought a box of Quality Street especially for photographing them with but they looked better with Lindt  chocolates…I think it’s the round shape, it  just seemed to work better…I may have eaten a few.LindtMice6 3You can find them here.IMG_20191204_132025For packaging the mice I had bought some cupcake boxes about 5 years ago (when I made the first batch of these!) and I decided to go ahead and use them, depsite the plastic I would never buy these days. I feel terribly guilty, the same way I do when using bags for flower brooches or sending things in jiffy packaging, but these things were bought in bulk in the early days of The Linen Cat (I have been selling and making since 2009 now) and I will use up the plastic I already have but won’t buy more. The alternative is to throw it away and that seems more wasteful.IMG_20191204_133913

Right, back to sewing something less jolly, probably back to the black spider purses as I’d like to get them finished too 🙂 I’m on a roll – ha ha!

Random thing  but my laptop is stuck on often doing two spaces….I think I might have got some food crumbs under the keyboard, that’ll teach me to show more respect. It’s driving me nuts, though!

12 thoughts on “Bright Silk Christmas Mice

  1. Just gorgeous. Have a set of your tweed mice which I’m looking forward to hanging on my tree very soon but love your chocolately inspiration for these!

  2. Oh my, these are the most beautiful decorations I have seen in a long time. I have popped straight over and bought a set. x

  3. Hey Beth, love your beautiful mice ❤️ the colours are Christmas to me, beautiful and bright. Love that their inspired by the colours of quality street! I love your original nice but think I love these more ❤️ I really admire your sewing skills as I couldn’t make something like this, their perfect! Sounds like your enjoying the build up to Christmas and having a lovely time sewing, perfect days, house your keeping well, love Safxxxx ✨

    1. I have to say, I did feel quite smugly happy when I was photographing them as they do sum up ‘Christmas’ for me with the colours. Really glad you like them, you are far to kind with your lovely comments. Hope you are feeling a little bit better? It will all be worth it in the end. Bxx

      1. Thanks Beth, I am feeling a lot better now, only getting morning sickness in the mornings and evenings and not all day, thank god! I’m sure your right, it will all be worth it in the end… I admire you did it twice though! Not sure I could handle another pregnancy like this one. Honestly, I love your beautiful Christmas mice, may try to beg H to get them for me for Xmas! Wish me luck 😉 Hope you have a lovely festive weekend, full of chocolate and cosy times at home with your boys and the Christmas music and tree 🙂 love Safxxx

  4. So last year I bought a set of the Christmas mice as soon as I saw this blog post, is there any chance of some more this year in different colours? x

    1. Hello 🙂 So sorry to keep you waiting for a reply. There was a plan for new colours but it got lost in the mayhem of COVID. I got the project box out again today and I’ll work on them this week and next, then get back to you with an update! Sorry I can’t say for certain, I simply don’t know if I have all of the fabrics I need yet (I have most as I’d already cut them out, ready). Bethx

    2. You probably noticed but I failed on the mice 😭 I did make quite a valiant effort but I got sidetracked by a pair of curtains and then having my kids at home due to COVID. I plan to keep working on them so they are ready for next year. The new girls are pink and teal silk! Sorry!

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