Admiring Zelda Spellman’s Wardrobe

I realise that being bored of the whole COVID thing is a luxury; I am lucky I don’t work in frontline services and have to face the draining and constant horror of it all and for us, it’s just about surviving in our own little world of the ‘house’. I also feel lucky the boys are older and can (mostly) get on with school work on their own, and I am pleased I’m not currently doing the hideous double school run that was really stressing me out; but, (along with half the planet) I am fed-up of it all now and this is definitely more difficult then the first lockdown. Also, who knew that teenagers, just like toddlers, can pick the exact moment you nip to the loo to BOTH suddenly urgently need you…surely they grow out of this!….At least I can just tell them to bugger off when they come knocking on the bathroom door these days. I want my quiet, sometimes clean and tidy house back.

I keep myself positive with little ‘treats’ which can range from eating a bit of cake (yep, I am a comfort eater and I’m happily adding to the COVID 15 tally) to evenings watching some utter silly rubbish on Netflix.

I’ve done Bridgerton, The Queen’s Gambit and Cobra Kai and I’m currently on Snowpiercer, The Great (Channel 4) and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Actually, I’ve just finished Sabrina and I’m at that moment of loss you feel when you’ve got really involved in a (somewhat silly teen but fun) world and all it’s inhabitants and then it’s over, never to return in this case. I am a sucker for comic based stuff, sci-fi and also period drama so this really filled the spot, especially as it’s just daft at the same time so not too taxing on the brain or draining; since watching, I’ve developed a crush on Zelda Spellman’s wardrobe – see above for why!

Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I do love dressing up but that I don’t get to do it very often as I don’t get out much, boo hoo. I also love clothes but I’m not interested in current fashion, I collect vintage clothing (and have done since I was a teenager) and if buying new I’ll often go for things that are a bit more expensive and timeless; I don’t buy clothes often so I need them to last.

With this in mind, at the same time as my Sabrina watching I was searching for something nice to buy with Christmas money I’d been given and I was drawn to the LK Bennett sale. Full price their clothes are way out of my reach but in the sale, it’s doable and it hits my usual vintage vibe and my new Zelda adoration. Their clothes are really well made, I think, although I have a hatred of dry clean only things (I can’t afford to have things dry cleaned). I didn’t buy all the above, obviously, but they are all dresses I’d happy own if money were no option and I ever actually left the house and so needed to put proper clothes on.

Other discoveries from my recent online browsing are Lola Ramona shoes of Copenhagen, some awesome vintage vibes there.

and if I were robbing a bank, these beauties from Freya Rose, London. I mean, check out those heels! A girl can dream.

Anyhow, back to reality and pyjamas every day (this isn’t actually true, I do dress but it tends to be on the ‘comfy’ side of things at the moment!), another thing currently bringing me joy are gel nails. Bloody awful photo here, but I am too lazy to take a better one. I bought a Mylee gel nail set, again with Christmas money and I’m really enjoying it! As a rule, I normally only paint my nails a handful of times a year as I can’t keep standard polish on, it chips in an instant and I’ve only had gel nails done twice at a salon but this I am loving, especially in the dark colours. Glitter dark blue next!

As for the rest of life, I am still revamping my studio with new cupboards and shelves (an Ikea Billy hack) on either side. I will fully photograph it soon but it’s proving really difficult to finish, especially with the new lockdown. I closed the shop up as I didn’t want to keep making unnecessary trips to the post office but I need to get back to selling so I may reopen Folksy and sell small items only that can go into the local post box. On the shop sewing front I am attempting to stash bust to make more space so there will be lots of smaller, quick to sew items coming up.

Right, back to the endless grind of tidying up after teenage boys. Ooh and Marcella is back so that’s another thing to add to the TV list!

7 thoughts on “Admiring Zelda Spellman’s Wardrobe

  1. Hey dear Beth,
    Glad to hear you and your boys are all doing well in the second lockdown. I know what you mean, I am bored of it too…I think everyone is walking their desert at the mo so to speak. I feel very lonely here sometimes. My lovely sister (who’s a nurse) is back on the covid ward, battling through it and is exhausted. I feel real guilt whatever I complain to her! (Which isn’t often). Love your beautiful clothes and shoes you picked out! I’m usually covered in food/milk/ baby poo or sick these days and can’t imagine ever looking normal again! 😂
    Hope your doing ok. LOVE your new studio storage, so lovely and practical.sending much love to you and your boys, keep plodding as my dad always says, love Safxxxx

    1. Hello lovely Saf,
      Oh I feel for you, I remember the early child years well, you barely find time to wash, let along put on nice clothes; I can’t lie, I prefer my boys older! Time does fly by though and before you know it they are at pre-school, then school and it’s nice to get some time back to yourself. It must be doubly hard when you’re stuck in lockdown so you have all of my sympathy. Bethx

  2. This lockdown sucks. Mine are 12 (almost) and 13 and cannot be left unsupervised or all hell breaks loose. But, like you, I’m just grateful we’re safe and grateful for those working to keep us so.
    I’d completely forgotten about LK Bennett, and now want to make those styles, but in navy. Gel nails are a game changer. I started doing them a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back.
    Ikea Billy is also a game changer. I use it, and the Kallax units, and love, love, love.
    Keep safe

    1. Oh tell me about it, mine are 13 and 15 and they still cannot be left alone together!
      I rediscovered LK Bennett a couple of years ago – I went into one of their stores with the boys and my oldest said if I were a shop, I’d be ‘this one’, I must admit, I do like pretty much all of their clothes and they are very ‘me’, just not the prices!
      I’m definitely a gel convert, it’s been really lovely to have done nails, makes me feel quite glamorous whilst slobbing about in my ‘COVID’ wardrobe -ha ha.

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