Things I Have Bought From Other Handmade Sellers

This was meant to be a post about things I like from my own shop (a bit of blowing my own trumpet), then I got distracted.

I opened this box (looking for my own tweed purses) and realised how many lovely goodies I own that have come from other handmade sellers, often people I’ve got to know through blogworld (now mostly Instagram and Facebook as no-one seems to bother blogging anymore). I will have missed loads but will try to write another post another time, and the ‘blurb’ will be short and sweet as I have a million jobs to do today. (The name links will be clickable where the sellers are still in action).

First, these beauties from Mia (HandmadebyMia). Mia actually sent me the pouch as a gift, full of edible goodies and other beautiful bits when I was quite ill some years ago, it was such a lovely surprise and was very gratefully received. The snowmen coasters I bought, along with others that I gave away as gifts.

Zombie coaster from fiona t. I bought them for the boys (well for my oldest) and they both got lovely notebooks with covers from Fiona for Christmas that year too (sorry, I daren’t enter their lairs to find them to photograph, I may never return!).

A felt flower brooch based on a vintage pattern made by 1940sStyleForYou. I also bought a beautiful hand-knitted jumper (made from a vintage pattern) at the same time which is equally fabulous.

I had to go a looooong way back in my Etsy purchases to find this one. It’s a ‘Rosette Facinator’ by giantdwarf. Sadly, the Etsy shop looks closed at the moment. I remember that the seller went on to sell these through Anthropologie.

I love these pouches and quite a few people got them as gifts, it’s one of those designs I wish I’d come up with myself (and I am planning a weekend bag for me with a tapestry panel but obviously nothing like the above, more inspired by a Mary Poppins carpet bag!). They are from Ella Osix.

I will always have time for the giant poppy – I wear it most years for remembrance (I make sure I put money in the collections). I bought loads of berry brooches the same year and the strawberry brooch, and used them on wrapped Christmas gifts as decorations; they are made by jurooma.

I’m sorry about the quality of this photo, but these live on a bookcase that’s over my stairs and I’d have to get a ladder to get them down so I’ve gone for the in situ blurry and with crappy lighting shot! The print is by Dee Beal and the gorgeous papercut card (which is far too nice to give away so I kept it!) is by Saffa Barkhordar whose amazing ink drawings you can see on Instagram. I see these every time I walk downstairs.

And finally (for today, anyway) Miss Bumbles and her little felt critters, which ALWAYS remind me of Racey Helps and Molly Brett animal illustrations. Love them.

Well, that was a bit of a rabbit hole, it took much longer than anticipated to find the sources and it led me into an interesting look at my own Etsy shopping history and the various phases I’ve been through (Scand, felt brooches, purses and then more purses). It’s funny that I used to have money to spend in this way too, these days I tend to focus on food buying and paying the bills and I rarely buy myself these kinds of treats. I do still prefer to support small businesses, though, and Etsy (which weirdly I don’t sell on; I, perhaps stupidly, stuck to Folksy) is still my go-to most times.

I will try to write more posts like this, spread the joy a little. I think jewellery will get a post all to itself 😂

Right, off to do some sewing and give the chickens a quick clean-out. Where did the day go to?


4 thoughts on “Things I Have Bought From Other Handmade Sellers

  1. Hey dear Beth, loved reading about your purchases! It’s so sweet of you to have kept the paper cutting, was really touched ❤️ thank you for linking my Instagram in your post that’s really sweet of you. I too used to have money to buy everything and now I’ve got a mortgage and baby I only get food and do bills too. But who knows, maybe one day we’ll win the lottery and I can pay our mortgages off and we could buy everything again! I often fantasize about that, I’d love to help everyone I know enjoy themselves! 😂 Going your keeping well, lovely to read about what you’ve been up to lately, love Safxxx

    1. Hello lovely Saf, I love my paper cutting, it is right there as I walk down the stairs every day (the rest of the bookshelf have actual books on them) so I see it at face height as I pass. Yep, having kids really will sap every last bit of cash but, that’s life, I’m sure we wouldn’t have it any other way. I have a auto top-up set up to buy lottery tickets, only a couple at a time so not very much money and I figure you never know, it could be me 😉 Hope all is well with you, love seeing how you’re getting on, on Instagram. Bxx

      1. That’s sweet of you dear Beth ❤️ so glad you enjoy the paper cutting. Hope your getting in the festive mood, I’m not feeling it this year, don’t even have a tree! Loved seeing your beautiful mice though. Yeah, if I ever win I’ll pay off our mortgages! What a fantasy! But like you say you never know! Hope you’ve been keeping well, sending my love to you all, xxxx

  2. How lovely! This is exactly the kind of Christmas gift post that I love, ideas for handmade and beautiful presents from small businesses. The felt mice are particularly adorable.

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