Christmas is Coming….Oh yes it is!

I had plans for lots more designs for the shop, but reality has struck and the knowledge (from previous years’ experience) that the next two weeks will be a whirl of kids Nativity plays, secret santa gifts to organise and trying to get the boys to sit down and write the many cards they want to send, means I’ve given up.   I decided that getting the house into shape, ordering any remaining gifts (oh yes, I got in there early and spent a couple of days ordering everything from the good old internet – I don’t really do shopping in the traditional sense, I’m afraid, I can’t be doing with the crowds and I ease my conscience with buying lots of handmade gifts from small sellers) and generally feeling Christmassy takes priority.


I had promised the boys we’d start decorating last weekend, on Sunday.  I was quite pleased with the mantel, usually I have to fight the boys for some sense of design over their enthusiasm.  They normally win.  I was especially pleased with the little dog collar made from one of my Gran’s decorations, found randomly in the bottom of an old suitcase that came from the attic.  M dreams that I’ll drop this dog by accident, he HATES it, but I’m refusing to remove it at the moment.


Most of our decorations have been collected over the years and are quite traditional.  The cute snowman cards were given by Mum to the boys a couple of years ago, I’m glad I kept them now as there is always pressure to recycle all cards, come the New Year, but these somehow ended up in the Christmas box.  I’m struggling, generally,  to get rid of anything with her writing on now, as happens when you lose a loved one.


In some places the boys took over, they tend to want to put out every decoration they can find, in this case all the bristle animals in one spot.


I bought the trees today, one large one for the living room and a smaller one for my studio (to cover with my collection of vintage baubles).  I was going to wait until the weekend, but I know it’ll be crazy busy then and in terms of tree wilt and needle drop, I can’t see a few days will make any difference.  The boys get to be in charge of decorating the tree, they will be very excited to see it tonight, on their return from school (I’ll take photos when it’s done).


For the first time in ages, I bought a few new baubles, all Gisela Graham ones, bought on-line from Perrywood Garden Center which proved to be lots cheaper than many other on-line sellers.  I especially like the clip-on glass toadstools.

DSC_0027This afternoon I plan to make a start on writing cards, which is partly why I’m blogging, so I could show you these fabulous ones bought from Dee Beale, aren’t they lovely?

I realise for many this post is a little early, but with young boys it’s hard to ask them to wait to get in the Christmas mood and I tend to set the beginning of December as the start date for making merry.  Right, I’m off to bake a batch of mince pies whilst wearing one of the new aprons 🙂

Cute Critters…

My obsession with collecting books that Gran used to read to us, and specifically ones with animals in clothing continues.  I am currently working through the older Racey Helps.


Although I always love his work, and have now collected all those from the Medici publishers, these earlier ones by Collins have such beautiful illustrations, they are crisp coloured and beautifully detailed, despite the sometimes yellowing pages and battered covers (I am not attempting to collect pristine books here, although I do like them to be readable).



The reason I’m mentioning this, is because I was browsing through Etsy the other day, when I came across some amazing felted animals by the very talented ‘Miss Bumbles‘.


They reminded me so much of the vintage illustrations I love (I’ve been adding to my Molly Brett collection as well!),


and so I couldn’t resist buying this little guinea pig, complete with tree, to hang in my studio for the festive period (and beyond, I doubt he will me moving, come January).


I’ve noticed that Miss Bumbles’ stock sells very quickly, so I have been happily stalking keeping an eye on her shop for any updates, and oh my, I really did fall in love with this little group.  Perhaps it’s because I have been sewing deers again this week?  Whatever reason, they have come to live with me 🙂  There is clearly so much work involved; it makes me want to learn to needle felt, but it would take some years to reach this level of skill and I’d much rather support another artist by buying their fabulous work.  There was a note in the parcel suggesting that the scarves be removed and eggs be added in place of the christmas package so they could be used as Easter decorations as well – great idea!

And look, even the packaging details are cute 🙂

New Hair Colour and Furniture…

I’ve just got back from the hairdressers after a colour.  I normally do it myself, but I wanted something a little different and thought I’d try to take a photo whilst it still has that nice hairdresser bouffant thing they manage to do.DSC_0020Basically, whilst watching Harry Potter with the boys, I kind of fell in love with Narcissa Malfoy’s two tone hair.  Seriously, I was originally all for actually doing the blond/dark brown thing but I am a fake red head at heart so I stuck with that and despite leaving it as long as I could manage, they wouldn’t have been able to dye blond over my remaining red anyway.

The basic idea is that as I wear my hair up most days (lazy really) you get to see both colours, it’s more contrasted in ‘real life’, I struggled to take photos.

DSC_0023As I have been growing out my hair from a very, very short crop, there are some nice long layers, so it also shows the two colours when down – bonus!

DSC_0029It’s a bit wind swept from school run (we have one of those playgrounds that is super flat, next to a big field so it’s always windy) and I had to snap quickly as F was waiting for me to cook his tea so the photos are a bit crappy but you get the idea. Also, sorry that it’s a bit self indulgent to post photos of my new hair colour, but it’s great for my own records and I am generally rubbish at taking photos (or having photos taken) of myself, I don’t really like cameras pointed at me, which you can probably tell, as you rarely get to see me in this blog.DSC_0019

I thought I’d also take this opportunity to photograph my dressing table.  It’s from, a website I love.

There is hardly any spare space in our bedroom as it’s under the eaves of the house (when we moved here, this level didn’t exist, it was a huge attic, without flooring, but that’s probably a post all of its own).  As you might be able to see, it’s still not decorated in here, we had the entire house sprayed white after it was plastered and we’ve never painted over that base coat…..or finished putting the skirting on actually in many rooms.


When I saw this last summer on the MADE website, I figured I could shoe-horn it into the corner, under the skylight and I begged M to let me have it, he agreed.  He made me a very happy lady as I’ve always wanted a dressing table.  The red box under the mirror contains a necklace, it’s just there as I’ve not tightened the mirror screw enough to hold it at an angle.

I love my vintage pots, I have to stop myself from buying Jubilee and Coronation things when I see them.


dorig_storage_oak_white_product_pageWe also own the Bergman coffee table (used for the kids to build and play on) and the Dorig, which has my feet resting on it right now, in the living room.  I really recommend buying from MADE, just be aware of the lead times for delivery on some items, basically to cut out all the middle men and reduce costs, the pieces are only put into production every so often, when there are a number of orders, but everything we’ve ordered so far has been of a high quality and a fair price, so I feel it’s worth the wait.

Off to prep my tea now, salmon and salad for me 🙂

PS, there will be more sewing soon, I’ve just been distracted and haven’t done any for ages.

Our House: The Living Room…

I  spent yesterday ‘upgrading’ our living room curtains, a job I’ve been putting off for months.  M has never really liked curtains, we have roman blinds in the rest of the house but I persuaded him, some years ago, into allowing flat sheets ‘pegged’ onto a thin wire line (courtesy of Ikea) in the bay window as blinds would have cut out too much light.  He’s grown used to these enough for me to now properly line them, add some buckram and generally upgrade them to proper curtains.  I hate sewing curtains.  Still it’s done now and it helps keep the cold out (and our bills down), but it reminded me of a post I started a couple of years ago and never published.  To add some context to below, we have now completed all the building work in our house, although there is still a fair amount of decorating to do.

Written June 2010

I have been making an attempt to clear through my iphotos as it’s all getting a bit out of control and with the final stages of our house build nearly there I find myself viewing our lovely home through all its stages.  I am amazed how far we have come and actually quite proud of what I am prepared to put up with, without too much moaning, and thought it might be nice to do a photo round-up, perhaps even to dispel any ideas that we live in a pristine home.  As the title suggests, I’m starting with the living room.

Spring 2006.  This is our first house viewing.  I appreciate I look miserable in the middle photo, but we were in fact super happy having realised, whilst sitting outside waiting for the estate agent to arrive, that we knew we were going to live here.  We felt the same way about our last home, even before going inside, it was right.

The house was even more filthy than it looks, empty for months, with rotten windows, no heating and full of insects, both dead and alive; but with the potential for an extension on the side, and into the attic plus it being a non listed building (our last home was Grade II), it was perfect.

August 2006 after we had moved in.  I say ‘we’ but M was conveniently away with work for 2 weeks so I moved us, skipped the carpets and scrubbed the house on my tod with F still only crawling…it was pretty yucky.  As you can see, I washed everything down (woodwork and walls) and laid a temporary lino that we knew we’d have to live with for some time, as it turned out, some years.

Early 2007, removing the wall between the two downstairs rooms.  The back room was very small and had little natural light, the front room had the lovely (sadly rotten!) wide bay window and would eventually have an opening leading into the kitchen on the left.  By now, I am pregnant and we are staying with my sister, having moved to hers for only 6 weeks in the Autumn of 2006 (we had planned to be back home in time for Christmas 2006!), however we stayed for 6 months.  We are still talking.

Spring 2007.  As you can see I am now hugely pregnant (and for some reason wearing shades of khaki – I think I’d given up on my appearance by this point).  We have just moved back in, the walls are still wet from recently being plastered, the front window is boarded up as it had to be re-built with new steel above it and a new window put it and Mr C is soon to make an appearance…what fun!  You may also notice the lino being re-laid thanks to the idiot builders cutting the other ‘temporary’ floor up, despite my telling them repeatedly it was to stay.

When I first came home with Mr C, we had only been back home a few weeks and there was still no glass in the bay window.  Above, the boards finally came down, giving us a glimpse of sun, a truly glorious moment.  As you can see it’s still total mayhem but at least we are back in our own home (C is hanging out in his car seat on the table – where did the time go!!).

The large black plastic area is covering a hole in the wall created to make an entrance to the new extension/kitchen, which at this point is being built, whilst we make do with a narrow temporary kitchen in the back ‘hallway’.  The original staircase, with its dog-leg turn still lands in the back of the room, stopping us from taking any large pieces of furniture upstairs, so our living space is still very crowded.

June 2010 with the new oak floor laid and drying (over a fabulous underfloor heating electric system called Ecofilm, which I highly recommend), finally loosing that cheap plastic ‘lino’.  This was a huge leap in the building work for us.  Although, at this point we had been living in a largely finished home for some time, with most of the upper floors plus new kitchen completed (apart from decorating, which is ever ongoing), we had to wait until the back hallway was re-built, complete with new stairs and the old stairs removed from the living room before we could lay flooring and heating.  We’d made do for some years with an open fire and plug-in heaters.

October 2012.  And this is today.  Actually this is yesterday, today I have a sick child laying on the sofa, or at least the half he hasn’t vomited on…again!

I’ve been putting off publishing this post for so long because I keep forgetting to take photos of the living room when it’s tidy.  I realised that’s never going to happen, and it would feel a bit of a lie anyway, so here is it in its raw state.  As you can see we have one too many sofas, due to getting a new one last winter (from but not actually getting rid of the old leather one.  It serves wonderfully as a place to dump huge piles of ‘stuff’ 😉  We don’t really use the back area of the room, it originally had a large table there for dining, but as we have a smaller table in the kitchen we use daily and I nicked the lovely trestle one for my work desk it has become a space the boys play in.

We had shelving built-in on either side of the fireplace, earlier this year to house some of our large book collection and on the other side, the TV.  The room is painted in my favourite colour, Farrow & Ball ‘Slipper Satin’.

Yet more books under the window.  Oh my Beth, what wonderful curtains….are they lined and everything 😉

As you can see, lurking behind my beloved egg chair (bought as an eternity present) we still have some skirting to put on.

This is my favourite piece of furniture, it was made by my Gran’s family and has followed me around my homes for years.  M used to hate it, he doesn’t like being ‘tied’ to things, especially large furniture style things, where as I am hoarder and love objects of any kind that I can make a connection with.

Apart from some of the boys school projects lurking in the corner, you may notice a huge basket of Brio, this is normally laid out over the floor as the world’s largest train track, complete with lego embellishments (streetlights, houses, bridges, you name it).  In this sense the above photos are a lie, I did take them on a day just after I’d hoovered, hence the tidy floor.  This is very much a family home and C loves to build and we often have drawings, train sets etc cluttering up our floors that have to be stepped over.  I am quite relaxed in that sense, possibly a bit too much so, hence my regular comments re our messy home.

There are lots of ‘in progress’ bits, such as this pouffe, made by my Gran which is waiting to be covered and most of the room already needs re-painting.

We have recently bought quite a bit of furniture from, including this coffee table (the rug is from John Lewis).  I had hoped to show you quite a few details of the room, such as my favourite prints and cushions but I fear this is already a very long post.  I’m not sure how interesting it is to look at someone else’s house, at least not in this detail, but I hope it hasn’t been completely boring.  I just think it gives context to me and my family life.  I love our home, but we went through a lot to create it, nearly 4 years of builders on and off in all, and there’s still plenty to do.  We’re nearly there though so I hope to show you a bit more in time, maybe in shorter posts!!

Gifts given and received…

I thought I’d blog some of the gifts given and gratefully received this year.

First up we have a couple of things I bought for my sister, a Dachshund wheatdog in lambswool check which I’d seen in Country Living and though would be a lovely gift.  It comes from Indigo and Rose and smells lovely as well as being nice and toasty after a couple of minutes in the microwave.

The bowl is a Robert Thompson (know as the ‘Mouseman of Kilburn’) nut bowl.  For those that don’t know about him, Robert Thompson was an early 20th Century furniture maker who was famous for carving a wooden mouse into the things he made.  As children my sister and I used to visit Hubberholme church with my Gran where we would hunt for the carved mice on the pews, the church is also where a lot of my family are buried, including my Gran’s ashes and even though it’s quite far ‘up Dale’ from where our family now live we still enjoy hunting the mice when we get the chance to visit.  It’s not an original bowl but one made by the Robert Thompson’s Craftsmen Centre in Kilburn (North Yorkshire) where they continue make his range, all made in the traditional method.

On the receiving side, from Germany I received some fabulous Skandi goods including a Hus and Hem voucher and some hand knitted socks, all of which I love.

From family here, amongst other things some Donna Wilson gloves, a Cath Kidson pouch,

and a selection of goodies from Orla Kiely.

As you can see I was a very lucky girl, my relatives know me well.

I am now enjoying an empty house for the first time in weeks and I’m keen to tidy, de-clutter and sew.  I have opted for sewing today as the heating is off (broken boiler) so I’m sticking to areas of the house with underfloor heating and there are bright things on my desk ready to welcome the new year.

I hope to have new products to list shortly, as always I am impatient to change with the seasons and want those changes to happen now.   I feel cheated by the Winter so far this year, it’s not been that cold and there’s been no snow 😦  I am perfectly aware that there is still plenty of time for these things to happen but I’m in post Christmas clean up mood and ready prematurely for Spring and that includes new colours in the shop.

Right, best get on, things wont do themselves and no doubt this first day back will disappear in a flash and 3pm will be here before you know it 🙂

Half Term Holidays…

I’m not quite sure what I was thinking but I kind of forgot about the half term holidays.  I knew they were coming but I think I might just have been in denile…maybe.  It’s not gone too badly, the boys were in need of a break and in all honesty are playing really well together, some of the time 😉  So far the boys have:

Made Pumpkin lanterns and gingerbread vampires, ghosts, cats and some sheep (the last completely unrelated to Halloween but I really wanted to try out my sheep cutter from Hus & Hem, I’ve just bought the Elk set for Christmas).  These are C’s he doesn’t do scary so he just made normal gingerbread men.

Removed all the bedding, blankets, pillows etc off the boys beds and made cinemas/caves/boats anything that involves lounging in a pile of nice clean bedding on the floor.  On which note, we vamped up the boys room last week with an Ikea trip.  They chose a rug, a light and a clock so F can see what time it is when he wakes at some ridiculous hour and thinks he should get up (bloomin’ 4am this morning and with C in our bed from 2am I wasn’t a happy bunny).

I bought blankets for the boys beds, you can get the same from Hus & Hem (I really love this shop, can you tell?), they were out of stock when I ordered mine but I see they are back in at the time of writing this.

and I made cushion covers for the boys from their old cashmere/cotton baby blankets to try and stop them taking the ones off the sofa for den building.

We have also watched far too much TV and Apple movies.  I know, I’m a bad Mother but it has allowed me to have a moment’s peace and make a start on some new little birds.

I also dyed my hair yesterday, it was supposed to be a mid to dark red brown.  It’s more like purple black, I have a wedding to attend soon so there will be a lot of hair washing in coming days (it’s a semi-permanent but I fear may be more permanent than semi!).

On a final note, thanks for such a positive response to the Foxes, I wasn’t sure how well these would go this year, as I know most of you lovely bloggy peeps who wanted one bought them last time around, but I’m very happy to see them flying out of the shop.  Always a huge compliment to have things so well received 🙂

Have a spooky Halloween!

The Best Laid Plans…

As predicted, the bliss of the first few weeks of the boys being back at school and the list of work I had hoped to achieve hasn’t exactly gone to plan.  It’s not been a total disaster by any means, I have managed to add some much-needed exercise into my daily routine; I leave the car at school and walk back, then walk the return to pick up C at lunchtime as it’s too far for the boys to manage each day but sometimes I persuade them to walk with me.  It’s great to see signs of Autumn arriving all around us, the boys are generally quite interested in nature so we have fun picking up bits and pieces to add to our little ‘nature’ window ledge at home.

I made these felt acorns last Winter and figured I’d try and finish them off whilst I’m in the Autumnal mood, it’s taken me a year to make some leaves.  They were completely inspired by the Fox noses I was stitching back then, I liked the idea of using chain stitch to make the acorn cases, to be honest this takes quite a while so they may never develop any further than the few I’ve stitched for myself to hang on cupboard doors but it’s a good starting point, I think some gold is needed in there to sparkle them up a bit, maybe in the hanging ribbon?

As always there’s been a little bit of on-line retail therapy.  I needed to order some fabric from Liberty’s and sneaked in these new tins for stashing labels and pins in, they are by Froy & Dind and I’d happily buy the entire range should I find time to rob a bank or win the lottery (neither being very likely).

I also sneaked in this Lolita Cup in cream and blue, it’s for our bathroom once I find time to paint it.  Hey, it’s only been waiting for about 4 years, I’m sure I’ll get around to it some time soon.

Last Friday I was treated to a very special last minute BBC Proms night on Friday (courtesy of my Sister) which also included an overnight stay in the very plush Kensington Hotel (also courtesy of my Sister – she treats me well and I am most grateful!).  I don’t get away all that often and it was most exciting to sit in a posh bar drinking cocktails and munching snacks with my glad rags on, the rather opulent seating and dining area is very relaxed and I noticed they offer Afternoon Tea.  The website states they are also quite child friendly with a babysitting service and extra beds available in the rooms; the ‘Dress Code’ bit made me laugh, it says on the Mr & Mrs website ‘Comfortable, low-level glamour’.  The Prom was excellent and we followed up the next day with some shopping at Anthropologie, Fortnum & Mason with a swift Liberty’s Cafe stop before I had to dash back to M and the boys.  It reminded me how much I enjoy mooching around London, when we first moved out I used to pop back once a week to meet friends for lunch and get my city fix, but these days it’s a very rare opportunity.

I mostly window shopped but did by a few bits from Anthropologie.  I had such a nice time in the store admiring the displays and products but I was disappointed with the finishing quality of the clothing.  Don’t get me wrong, the designs were great and there was plenty that I lusted after (and I did buy a gold top with some lovely detailing on the neckline), but for the price I didn’t feel the detail was up to scratch, there were some really shoddy buttonholes and lots of loose threads.  Still, it’s up there on my ‘must visit’ list when I do make it into the big smoke and I would happily wear pretty much everything they sell if money allowed, shoddy buttonholes or not.

Finally, as this post seems to be all about pretty things with a nature theme, I bought a new brooch from Joanna Rutter a short while ago, I’m lusting after the silver necklace version but for now this will be lovely pinned to my everyday corduroy jacket.

And now, joy of joys I need to walk back again to school as the car has broken down (again, it did the same last week).  Although I do enjoy walking, even in bad weather spending four and a half hours of my day going back and forth does take the shine of it!  Let’s hope we get the car back for tomorrow 🙂

And the Winners are…

As picked this morning by the good old

Which are the comments left by:

Emily M, Lola Stanley, Jane Marland and Chris Karling.  I’ve emailed you for your addresses, thanks for entering, your parcels will be on their way as soon as I get your addresses.

Big thanks everyone that took the time to comment, it was a great response to this giveaway and I’ve found lots of lovely new blogs and websites to browse around, which is always the best bit for me.

It has been a while, I’m sorry, I hadn’t intended to leave it so long between posts but we are busy with all the end of term activities, which seem to be going on for ages.  The boys still have a few weeks left but that time is packed which along with the hot sticky weather,  doesn’t exactly make me want to sit indoors sewing so I’ve already slowed my pace ready for 6 weeks (eek!) of little boys dominating my day.

There’s been some on-line shopping.  This lovely parcel comes from Flora of Through The Round Window and contains

I just couldn’t resist the sunny colour (this is Flora’s photo) of the Nasturtium.  It’s actually for a present but I have quite a few pieces of Flora’s lovely glass including some egg men that stay up all year around in our kitchen window.

I was very quick off the mark at the Orla Kiely sale and managed to buy this shift dress, I love the buttons in the back and the Airtex fabric.  I don’t buy clothes very often so I do try to treat myself to something from the OK sale, even though the prices still make me wince slightly.

I also treated myself and F a while ago to this great leather pouch from Ren at Fairy Steps.  It’s really mine, I plan to walk to and from school come September and wanted something stylish that could be attached to my belt to carry my key in.  F has taken rather a liking to it though, he thinks it’s perfect for his pirate costume so we have agreed to share it.  Of course the stylish romantic image of myself tripping along to school in my tweed jacket with belt and fancy pouch will be ruined by all the bags I will no doubt end up carrying for the boys and my cross, red face from repeating ‘hurry up boys, keep moving’ but a girl can dream.

I also bought (some time ago but keep forgetting to blog) this Blyton Picnic Tin.  I’ve been after it for ages and see that many of the new version have different crockery.  I really, really wanted this vintage powder blue version so had a hunt on the internet.  This is definitely a picnic set for the car as it’s actually rather heavy but I so love it, especially the cheery enamel red tin.  I haven’t linked to one online, as prices vary a lot, so it’s worth googling the name and having a good hunt around.

I’ve also been distracted by the garden, we are finally at the eating stage, which is the best bit.  In fact I’m about to go and pick up C from preschool and then we’ll spend the rest of the afternoon outdoors, may as well make the best whilst the sun shines 🙂

Still here…

Just in case you wondered where I’d gone, I am still here.  I was working hard on new products but then half term arrived and it all went a bit awry, I’d assumed everything would kick back into place  this week but I’m struggling to get back into the swing of things, I’ve lost my mojo.

F has recently taken to drawing continuously which is great, he has a ‘weak wrist’ which makes it difficult for him to hold a pencil correctly, I’m amazing how quickly he’s improving now he’s on a roll.  We mostly get aliens or, as above; ghosts, vampires, spiders and bats so in honour of this and his general love of all things spooky I’ve invested in some new coasters.

I love them.  I appreciate not everyone gets excited by zombies munching on brains under their cup of coffee but they fit right into this house, as I’ve mentioned many times, we have very eclectic taste. They are by the very talented Fiona T and you can find more of her work here.  The immaculately stitched designs are based on Fiona’s sister drawings which can be found here, if monsters are not your thing then there are many other designs available but personally, I have my eye on an embroidered pink zombie notebook cover.

Over half term I did manage a little sewing, a Messy Monster costume from Okido for F’s school book day.  I know I’ve shouted about Okido magazines before but they really are great, the perfect mix of fun and education and packaged in such an arty, funky style.  I was so pleased he chose this as his perfect costume…that was until I had to make it and my lost mojo got in the way.  After forcing myself to get on with it (time is running out),  I rather enjoyed myself.  I hope to get a photo of F wearing it but in case I don’t have time here you go.

Loving the monster feet, I want some.

Finally, thanks for all your recent comments I really do enjoy reading them and I’m so glad you liked the new lavender bird.  Sorry for my sloppy lack of replies as of late, time has been running away, I haven’t even caught up on my Google Reader list which says I have over 400 posts to read. Yikes!

OK, off to hunt down my mojo 🙂

Dusting off the Baubles…

I’m feeling very relaxed tonight, about half an hour ago I finally finished my last commission piece, I still have some gifts to make but it lifts the pressure a lot to know that I haven’t let anyone down and they will get their promised products with plenty of time to wrap and post.

I’m looking forward to some time to tidy around the house and prepare for Christmas at a slower pace,

we bought our tree last weekend (please excuse the missing skirting board and wire but this is still very much a ‘house-in-progress’), I confess to a very hasty decorating hour as I simply didn’t have the time I normally would to relax and enjoy it, ideally with a nice glass of something Christmassy whilst I ‘work’.  I did make the effort to be quite nicely colour coordinated but F had his own plans and over the week has added every decoration in the box to the tree and the few that are too heavy he has hung on all the door/draw knobs!

Sitting on the top of the tree is the Fairy I made last year, a fabric version of my Gran’s vintage one as her’s is getting too fragile to use, you can see where the recent Fairy/Ballerina Mice began in her pink silk dress.

And there are plenty of multi-coloured birds that again were made last year (more of which are available in The Shop, sadly I didn’t get around to make more fairies).

I so love the birds and another of my favourite decorations that come our every year are the red pompoms

Genius idea, not mine I’ll add I bought these in the Sale some years ago from Pedlars.

We have quite a busy weekend planned with F’s School Fair and all our cards to write, not to mention Teachers gifts to make.  I am also planning a giveaway in the next post, slightly overdue but better late than never.  For tonight, it’s Thai takeaway and maybe a bit more decorating, this time at a nice leisurely pace 🙂