Apple Lavender Bags…

I’ve been planning these for a very, very long time.  The final design is blatantly inspired by all those fabulous apple fabrics that are out there, but the initial idea came from a very different project, one which I will reveal once I get it worked out and ready for the shop.  I honestly hadn’t thought about teachers gifts until they were nearly finished, but they work well for this so I though I had better stop doodling different versions (which, as I’ve already said, I’ve been doing for well over a year now in my notebook!) and get them made.

I had fun working out all the details…

and I especially like the little glass faceted ‘pips’.

I (stupidly) always wanted to make them in linen, hand dyed to match all my other products where I also use dyed linen.  I forgot that linen is a bug*er to iron and that the endless creases would really annoy me.  Also, I ruined one lavender bag by over water spraying it before ironing and it led to some of the red leaching into the bright white linen on the front and leaving pink stains.  Lesson learnt there and the downside of hand dying, no matter how much I rinse the fabric, some colour will always run a little if washed too hot.

I thought the red one would be my favourite but then I made the green and there is something about the topaz pips and fresh apple green colour that I like just a little bit more.

I had planned to hand stitch my tape labels on the back, they just didn’t work placed in the side seam, where I would normally put them, but the linen just creased and I struggled to make it tidy so I abandoned that idea and have added swing tags fastened to the front with some lovely black bulb pins I bought forever ago from Merchant and Mills.  I imagine these to look really nice hanging on a kitchen cupboard door, in fact that’s exactly where one will be going in our house.  I am also giving them as teachers gifts this year, I plan to get the boys to write a message on the back that I will machine embroider.  Job done 🙂

You can find them here.