New Photos…

Did you notice the banner change above?  I sneaked it in a while ago, it was time to update my linen cats/bunnies line with some of the more recent stock, can’t help but notice that the green dress bunny is rather snuggly with the check trousered cat, not sure how that happened.

When I have to photograph new stock, here’s how it goes.  I notice the weather is perfect for a spot of photography (bright enough to show the colours but not so as to have too strong a shadow), I rush to get my needs-to-be-photographed stock which is inevitably in the bottom box.  I clear my table/floor/bed and lay out the stock, rather too quickly, in between making cheese sandwhich/juice/changing the tv channel (bad mother!)/fixing the lego robot back together for the umptenth time.  I grab camera, discover it’s out of battery, quick mini charge, set up tripod…..oh bugger, the sun’s gone in.

Also my boys LOVE having their photo taken, seriously, Charlie sees a camera and shoves his face into shot and says cheese.  He cries a lot if you don’t photograph him so I end up with plenty of these




We haven’t been burgled in the back of this last shot, it’s a crazy mid builders mess shot and don’t even ask what happened to the white wall on the rhs.

However, last time around I did get some usable photos so finally we have



as made back here and after having their beady little….er bead….eyes sown on, they are ready for listing on return from our Yorkshire holiday as part of the Christmas Shop update.



Just for the record, my favourite are the dark red and mustard ones.

Loosing my head…

It would appear my sister does read my blog (see last post), or she did for the very first time the other day and so now knows her Christmas present…..Doh!  Also, as I started on the School run (I have to do this everyday for how many years? how depressing) I passed a line of 10 electricity vans parked along our road complete with men in florescent jackets standing about having a natter.  Had they just done this to annoy me, having to try and negotiate my way past them in our narrow road? or…oh wait…now I remember, the letter we received a while back warning us about a half day power cut whilst essential work is carried out,  the one Charlie used to scribble on and I thought, “must remember to pick that up and attach it to the fridge so I don’t forget about it”,  that would be today then.  Double Doh!  I frantically tried to phone ‘husband’ to ask him to put the kettle on before he left the house for work and to plug my laptop in (C is sick and I may need DVD emergency back-up entertainment) but to no avail.  It was not a good start to the day and after a night awake wondering how a small child can snore sooooo loudly.


It got better.  The builders had a generator so I did get a morning coffee and I resigned myself to spending the majority of the day sewing the bead hanging threads on this lot



by 2.30 the electricity was back on and after School run again (really, every day for how many years?) I zoomed them into:


well, not all at once, it takes me a few days to actually post any blog entry I write so I spent this morning sewing before the photo.  Sorry about the bad light but I needed to clear the kitchen table for lunch.

The Christmas Bird decorations are to be sold in sets of 3, the Robins and the Golden/Purple set.  They still need eyes which were to be seed beads but I may swap to metallic fabric paint dots, after which I will get the final photographs taken.  I started them forever ago and have been taking my time but I’m glad to see they are nearly done, it lightens the load of my mild panic about Christmas stock.

I feel my blog has been mostly Shop and not enough of other people’s nice things recently, sorry about that, I do have a number of half written posts and promise to get the relevant photos taken and the posts published soon.

Whether the weather…

It can’t make it’s mind up today, we keep getting downpours and then moments of sun.  I admit to loving the rain, the garden is parched as unlike everyone else we haven’t had much rain at all recently plus it puts me into work mode.  I have been struggling with this over the past week, I feel anxious and I’m not sure why, I think it’s that F starts Primary School on Monday and although this in itself doesn’t stress me I know there will be lots of tears once he realises he has to go every day.  It’s dawning on me that this has been his last summer of freedom, after Monday he will spend the next few years in the education system, until he leaves home (I’m booting them out at 18 – ha!) and I am kind of sad about that.  The up side is Mr C starts pre-school in January I will have my first regular time off in over 4 years, I am quite excited, I have secret ideas of sleeping and reading a lot but I know I wont be able to do this, there is always too much to do.

Another possible cause of the feeling of anxiety is that the builders start tomorrow, I am both excited and stressed about this.  I have been rushing to do all the laundry as access to the washing machine will involve walking out of the house to the ‘building site’ that is our old extension, we are blocking off the door to cut down on dust and keep the kids safe.  We have emptied everything out and the house it rather full, boxes stacked everywhere and a little too much furniture in all the rooms but it will be soooo worth it.  There will be a large hole in the house shortly so I’m glad we are getting it done before the weather turns too cold and who knows, we may even get the underfloor heating and new wooden floors down in our living room in time for Winter!


Right, bit too much chatter and not enough photos so here is my work bench earlier this morning.  I should be sewing another roman blind for my sister, but I couldn’t face it and so decided to treat myself to starting some new dresses for Linen Cats/Bunnies.  These are in more Autumn colours, I have been collecting the fabric for a while with this in mind, I only buy small amounts to keep the styles limited as it makes it more fun (I always did like dressing up my dolls as a child and used to hand sew dresses for Cindy), it also keeps in line with each Linen Cat/Bunny being individual.


They take a lot of work, each is fully lined in white cotton and there are no raw seams visible but they are one of may favourite things to make, I love choosing the buttons and beads.  I’m waiting on some linen samples for the bodies, the old linen I use is beautiful but has now reached £19.45 per meter without postage, which is far too expensive.  Once done and with some new colour Tweed Owls and Hanging Birds I can change the Shop stock over to a more Autumn feel.

Might have to root out the knitted socks soon!

Something old, something new…

I mentioned in a past post about owning a lot of lovely sewing things that I inherited from my Gran, in fact, most of my ‘things’ came from my Gran, she was a hoarder and provided my early collections of vintage clothing etc.  The photo I use in my About Me page is at her house dressing up in some of this vintage stash,  below is the full shot including my sister (on the right), the length of skirts always amazes me I virtually have my knickers on show!


Anyhow, I digress.  So I finally made a start on updating and copying some of these lovely objects starting with the silks roll.  The original serves it’s purpose well but is full of old silks and I prefer to leave them as they are


so here is the updated version


I love cow parsley, I grow the florists version (Ammi Major) in my cutting patch and wake every morning to blinds printed in ‘Putkinotko’, which is a 1957 design by Maija Isola for Marimekko.


so I have been planning to use the outline for a while, I was thinking cushions but decided to downscale and use beads for the flowers.


As you can see, there are still improvements to be made, the linen, although a great weight is the wrong colour for the bead embroidery which you can barely see, but it’s a start.  The long term plan is to add a section to the shop selling sewing accessories, mostly replicas of my Gran’s things, but I am in no hurry I have plenty to be getting on with at the moment and I know that Christmas will come crashing in no matter how far ahead I plan.  The C word again, and in August!  hush up lady 😉

Yet more Bold and Brilliant colour…

These arrived in the post this morning


for the linen cat/bunnies and whilst putting them away, I realised just how pretty a lot of my supplies are and couldn’t resist a few photos.  (The beads came from beads unlimited as it was the only place I could find bright coloured 8mm varnished beads at a reasonable price).


One of the many collections of silks that I own, in this case in a silk roll that I inherited from my Gran.  I hope, in time, to replicate this for the shop along with a few other of my Gran’s sewing things.


My ric-rac jar, filled with brightly coloured (and some nice berry, blues and greens for the boys trousers) ric-rac.  Most come from Ribbonmoon where I also buy buttons, ribbons and other haberdashery supplies that I want in small amounts.


Finally, Nora’s lovely crochet flowers.  These are from a recent order and will soon be put to use.  I love ordering from Nora, she always delivers exactly what I ask for and is so lovely to deal with.

I could go on, there are the many bead jars, boxes of ribbons and neatly rolled bias binding but I figured I might be taking it a bit too far, besides the sun is shining and the garden calls.