Christmas is, really, it is…

I was having a bit of a pants day today, the builders are still here and I am still stuck in the kitchen and half the living room, so I can’t clean (for a change, I actually want to as I’m sick of the mess) or get to my studio, or do a lot really apart from hand sewing and try to create barriers out of the sofa and chairs to keep Charlie on one side of the living room (not easy, I am telling you).


But, hurrah!  Delia has saved my day.  I pre-ordered her new ‘Happy Christmas’ book and the nice man from City Link just delivered it.  Now, I know it’s a while away but the hand sewing I have been doing is all Christmas stuff and realistically by the time we get the back decorated and the flooring down Crimbo will be upon us (that may be optimistic but I live in hope) so I am looking forward to the festive season already.  I am a true Christmas person although I make a point of not decorating the house too early, I feel bad even mentioning it in October, but I do like to make my own cake and mincemeat ahead of time and have a real tree etc; and I love, love buying and wrapping presents, in fact I do start this early so it’s not such a shocker on the wallet or a last minute dash.

Right, back to the book.  I will admit to abandoning D’s last TV series, it annoyed me but she does do great traditional food and I like this side of her cooking.  On first glance there are a lot of re-worked recipes but I am OK with that and the book’s styled like my house!  All white with splashes of bright colours and a smattering of vintage.


in fact I am a bit taken by the photos at the moment so need to go have a proper read of the recipes which I am sure are also good.


That’s it.  Quick post but I was so childishly excited I felt the need to share!