Flower Brooches…

In all honesty I fell like I’ve been making these FOREVER.  There was a lot more sewing involved than I’d expected and as mentioned in my last post I’m not sure it shows in the naive simple style of the design but there you go, I like them, I am especially pleased with the sunny yellow buttercup brooches.

I was heavily influenced by the Racey Helps books I recently chatted about, especially Kingcup Cottage which is one of my favourites,

how nice is this illustration?

It’s quite a sad story actually (but with a happy ending) in that no-one wants to come to Francesca’s party (a frog) as her house is too soggy and she puts dried flies into her scones, so that all ignore her party invites.  Bit rude really, in fact the first time I read this to F he got a bit upset for her, it all ends happily though and they all feel bad and come to her second party and she realises not everyone likes soggy houses so she hosts it in the wood.  Good old-fashioned story telling, I like it.

So I decided I wanted to make a nice sunny yellow flower version of my felt blossoms and went with Buttercups (the leaves had more interest to me that those on Kingcups).

Below are the progress photos I took along the way:

The eagle eyed will spot I changed the beads from misty ones to opaque ones, the originals just weren’t right but I do now have a mountain of yellow seed beads to use up at some point.

The brooches have been mounted on cards

as well as being available as plain brooches and of course, I made some of the original Dog Rose version similar to the one I made for my Mother

I have other ‘cards’ in mind, namely little felt birds ones which I was supposed to do the Christmas before last but I’m still playing around with the best way to attach them to the cards, for the meantime the new ones are available here.

I have quite a few things I’d like to make for the house so I’m planning a little shop making break although I still have loads to get done before the Summer holidays arrive and there’s also a giveaway coming up, when I find the time to take the relevant photos 🙂

8 Hours on a Train…

I’ve just spent the morning at the hairdressers, I know for lots of people this is quite a relaxing thing to do, but I always feel a bit stressed about ‘wasting’ half a day.  As I get my hair dyed (very red) and cut, it takes a couple of hours or longer (I have very, very short hair) and usually the boys and M are chomping at the bit to get out of the house by the time I return.  Today is a little different as F woke all spotty on Friday morning, he finally has Chicken Pox (C had them a few weeks ago so we have been waiting for F’s turn), he missed his school concert on Friday and is now practicing his man flu skills whilst lounging about demanding attention every 5 mins.  To be fair, he really isn’t a well boy, so I shouldn’t joke, but boy, can he milk it!

It’s quite a mixed post today, we are enjoying the sunshine (a blessing with F now housebound for the next few days) and Spring has truly sprung in the garden with the Tulips and Narcissi in full swing.  I picked the above for C’s key worker as an Easter gift on Friday and attached a little birdie.  There was also some chocolates involved, much to C’s disapproval when he found out he had to give them away as a gift.

I have also been rushing to finish another Amy Butler Weekender Bag, this time for my Sister-in-law as my Sister and I are heading up to Yorkshire tomorrow to surprise my Mother for her Birthday.  It’s a day visit (hence the title) and will involve nearly 8 hours on a train, it’s a shame we can’t stay overnight but both of us have to get back and as a busy Mum, I am quite looking forward to that much time sitting doing nothing.  We will, of course, be travelling in style, my Sister is in charge of bringing champagne and I’ve packed a cool bag with some tasty posh nibbles to make it all the more pleasant.

I have also finally made a flower brooch card for my mother.  I had great intentions of getting these in the shop for Mother’s Day this year….in fact I had meant to get them in there last year, but you know how it goes (slowly, in my case).  I will be making more in other colours and along with some other designs hopefully launching the card section of my shop this Summer.

I have just chosen an outfit for tomorrow, we are leaving early so I need to plan ahead and as I’ll be sitting for so long I want to be comfy but smart enough for our lunch at Middlethorpe Hall.  I’ve just started to unpack my Summer clothing (yep, I pack away for the seasons, I have quite a small wardrobe space so it just makes sense) and found a forgotten about white linen dress, it’s nicely vintage looking and will match my new Chie Mihara shoes which I am totally in love with and plan to wear at every possible occasion.

I’ve also pulled out my Hope and Benson bag, as most of you know I’m firmly attached to my Orla Kiely one for every day but I do like to swap for ‘special’ occasions.

The dress needs a little repair and a good iron so I had best get on with it and his Lordship is calling from his tent in the garden (needs more ice cream, apparently, he tells me it stops the spots itching!!) so I had better get on, with the Easter holidays now here I hope to catch up blog comments and reading over the coming days and I’ll be listing new stock next week after F gets better and daily walks to the post office are possible 🙂