Sleep, lovely sleep…

What a difference a decent night’s sleep makes.  I was like a bear with a sore head over the past couple of days, little boys who wander around at night, have nightmares and get up at the crack of dawn plus being ‘home alone’ again as M is away with work has taken it’s toll.  Today is a different story, I had a semi decent nights sleep and I’m full of energy and enthusiasm to get things done.

Making the most (hey, it might not last!) I finished up some Cashmere Bears and listed them.  Very productive.  Sadly, it’s not a very big batch and I will need to make some more of the woodland print ones as they are quite popular but for now I have added a new cream version.

I would have prefered a more mustard yellow for the belly stitching but this was the only Tre Cerchi yellow I have (I always use Coats Tre Cerchi for this tight zig-zag when possible as it gives much better cover being a thicker thread).  Still I like him a lot, he has a kind of polar bear look.

Listed here and one day soon, when I get my act together there will be some added to my Folksy store as well  🙂

Cashmere Bears and awards…

I’m still flitting from project to project but I knuckled down last week and completed some of the overdue re-stocking, starting with a new batch of cashmere bears.

I love these and I always seem to be down to my last one

horror of horrors (insert Psycho style scream here), I have now cut into my last batch of this gorgeous wool/cashmere mix fabric.  I so regret not buying every last meter, but there’s enough to make quite a few bears yet and then I’ll have to see if I can source something similar.

I’d planned to make another colour way but have got sidetracked half way through, so for now the original, with his woodland print belly patch can be found here and here.

I also mentioned a while back that I’ve had a couple of awards and like a naughty blogger, realise I haven’t said thank you yet, tut tut.

Mia was very kind to pass along the

award, which is for crafty-blogs which have less than 300 readers, to encourage more and more people to visit you and see your handmades.  Such a lovely idea and coming from one of my favourite blog friends a double pleasure, thank you Mia.

In case you haven’t read Mia’s lovely blog you can find it here and her shop of felted, tweedie, birdie goodness is here.

I was also passed along the ‘Stylish Blogger Award’ from Colette , many thanks Colette (again, a lovely blog so do pop over for a visit and Colette has a great Etsy, to be found here, I might be slightly in love with the cherry silk and lace Ella bag).  I should be listing seven interesting things about myself before passing along, but as I’ve been very lucky to have this challenge before, I’m having a bit of a block so I need to think for a while (let’s face it, obviously I’m just very dull ;)).

On a slightly random note, we have just returned from Bluewater where I was yet again fascinated by this

the All Saints shop with it’s (at least) 200 antique sewing machines in the window.  Sorry for the hastily taken iphoto image but I was being dragged along by small boys at the time

I especially like this one.  I think it’s kind of a cool display, but at the same time I feel sad for all those unused/unloved machines, I want to take them home and admire them individually.

As my own version, which came from my Gran and was the first machine I learnt to sew on is frequently moaned about for taking up space, goodness knows what I’d do with another 200 (besides, I’m not sure ram-raiding the All Saints store for it’s window display would go down very well).

A little Sunday randomness there, now back to watching the Scooby Doo Movie with the boys 🙂