For goodness sake, someone hide the credit card..!

I did that thing the other night, the one where you start browsing ebay after a couple of glasses of wine and as tends to happen (to me, anyhow) I somehow found myself buying fabric…again.  So, I have had quite a few deliveries, including

nice wrapping huh! especially for an ebay buy where I don’t expect such pretty parcels

inside, one of my favourite Liberty patterns, ‘Wiltshire‘, unusually for me in twill, I would normally buy Tana Lawn, which I use for the Wool Bunny Dresses.

I also bought some Orla Kiely fabric which I couldn’t resist, enough to make a couple of cushion covers for the Living Room.  This lead me to hunt out

some Sale Orla K bedding which I have bought for the fabric, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, I plan to make a summer dress and a couple of tops.  As most regular readers know, I am a big Orla Kiely fan, I make a point every season of saving up my pennies to buy something in her Sale, last season it was this

a medium travel bag, at the moment is has my cushion pads stored in it but when I am lucky enough to travel it’s the perfect size for a full holiday as I tend to pack quite light…sigh…holiday…now that would be nice.

This year, my bargain Orla K was this tweed dress, I had already marked it out and waited patiently for the SALE email to come through then dashed online to buy it, you have to be quick as things don’t stay long.  Her clothes are expensive but over the last 6 years I have collected quite a few and one of my favourite things is a blue jersey pinafore dress that I wear with jeans.  During the sales I also bought the shoes shown which are by Chie Mihara, I love her shoes, I have wide feet and they fit me well and I like the retro feel a lot of the designs have (loads of UK on-line stores sell Chie Mihara, be warned, you may fall in love and they aren’t cheap!).

My clothes sense is as eclectic as my home, I have a fondness for period style (as above) and own quite a lot of vintage items but also like quite funky modern clothing.  Saying that I mostly do ‘Bag Lady’ at the moment, I am rather excited about having some more time now that the boys are in school/pre-school, to get back into shape and take some pride in my appearance, who knows I might even start wearing make-up 🙂