Yet more Bold and Brilliant colour…

These arrived in the post this morning


for the linen cat/bunnies and whilst putting them away, I realised just how pretty a lot of my supplies are and couldn’t resist a few photos.  (The beads came from beads unlimited as it was the only place I could find bright coloured 8mm varnished beads at a reasonable price).


One of the many collections of silks that I own, in this case in a silk roll that I inherited from my Gran.  I hope, in time, to replicate this for the shop along with a few other of my Gran’s sewing things.


My ric-rac jar, filled with brightly coloured (and some nice berry, blues and greens for the boys trousers) ric-rac.  Most come from Ribbonmoon where I also buy buttons, ribbons and other haberdashery supplies that I want in small amounts.


Finally, Nora’s lovely crochet flowers.  These are from a recent order and will soon be put to use.  I love ordering from Nora, she always delivers exactly what I ask for and is so lovely to deal with.

I could go on, there are the many bead jars, boxes of ribbons and neatly rolled bias binding but I figured I might be taking it a bit too far, besides the sun is shining and the garden calls.

Nora rocks!

I have been very excited about writing this post.  After creating the new baby bunny dresses I had thought about making some felt flowers to add that finishing touch (it’s all in the detail!).  I really need the whole bunny and dress to be washable so I had a better idea to use cotton crochet flowers instead.  As I can neither knit nor crochet I had a little hunt on the internet and found the lovely Nora .  I emailed her about commissioning some work and was very, very impressed by her quick response and friendliness.  

We have had been chatting via email and I have discovered that Nora is a pensioner living in the Borders who has been doing crochet for 52 years, she loves what she does and takes a lot of pride in her work.  I found Nora via an old chat room forum and ebay where Nora has been selling her lovely flowers for next to nothing.  As she is a pensioner every penny counts so she would much prefer to take on commissions and is open to any ideas to help her sell her work for a fair price. Nora is contactable via Folksy (CROCHET WITH LOVE 4 YOU) through her profile or I am happy to pass details along to her if you leave a comment.  She has also just started a website at Crochet and Beyond.

Well the flowers arrived this lunchtime and I am so pleased with them.  As you can see they are the perfect finish for the bunny dresses.  As always my head is now buzzing with new ideas involving crochet flowers… 


Nora's crochet flowers
Nora's crochet flowers



Baby bunny with flowers
Baby bunny with flowers