Double Red Rose Flower Brooches…

Finally the sun came out, just for a moment but long enough for me to snap my work bench.

I find this a very satisfying shot as the flower brooches do take quite a long time to sew.  There are lots of steps from making the leaves (free machine embroidery on tweed backed in felt) to cutting all the flower petals, stitching them together, stitching the beads on…twice…because I like them firm and would be really upset if any fell off,

to neatly stitching the backs.

This was the shot I was waiting to take (wonky camera angle there but it’s too late, they need packing up asap).  I actually started these before we went on our summer holidays to Yorkshire, I like to take some hand sewing with me for the rainy moments but lucky us, we didn’t really get any so they mostly came back home unstitched.  I did finish them over the last few weeks of the school holidays though and shortly afterwards I took the individual shots but no group ones (as above), which are the most satisfying to see.

They are basically a red version of the purple double rose brooch I made in spring.

I like them and the reason there are only six in the card mounted shot is that, that’s all I have left because some of you were very quick off the mark and spotted them listed before I’d blogged them, prompting a hasty packing up and posting off, of quite a few.

The rest are here, along with a re-stock of the usual red and mixed pink roses.

Acorns next!!


Well thank god for that!  Well done ladies, thought we might never get a gold.  I’ve just screamed my head off at the screen. Fabulous job.

We’re off to watch the swimming and athletics on Friday, all tickets bought within the last week, as new ones were released.  Makes a bit of a mockery all that time we spent months ago trying to get a ticket, ANY ticket.  So pleased we get to go though, I even spent this morning making a little brooch to wear.

Oh and then we’re off on our holidays 🙂

New Flower Brooches…

How was it for all you Mums out there? (and Dads of course but I don’t think any read this blog)  For those without kids, it’s just been the half-term holidays for most of the UK.  We survived.  We had a lovely start with a short trip to Yorkshire so stay with Grandma which also incorporated a day in York visiting the National Railway Museum, stocking up in Fat Rascals from Bettys for the freezer and the first ever sledging session for the boys down a hill on an empty plastic feedsack.  I would show you photos but I didn’t take any because I am crap.  Then it went a bit downhill for us with illness laying the boys out for the rest of the holiday and my ever decreasing amounts of sleep meaning I kind of turned into a grumpy monster.  Top that with my turning up to school yesterday to find it was, in fact, an inset day (teacher’s training so no kids) – duh!

Still, I did enjoy the odd bit of hand sewing though and finished up a nice tray of Flower Brooches which have been hanging around cut and ready for some weeks.  I figured that they’d make lovely Mother’s Day gifts and even for Easter they are quite nice.

The buttercup ones are always popular so I re-stocked a few of those

and then I made some new style purple roses with double blooms, they are quite difficult to sew as there is a lot of ruffle to get through but I like the finished results.

Finally, my favourite, some auricula.  I really do like these, probably because they remind my of my pathetic attempt to grow some last year and also because they incorporate my very favourite dark burgundy felt.

I also like the shape of the leaf, they had started out as pale yellow primroses but somehow changed to burgundy auricula.  I’m keeping one of these for myself.

I had hoped to make some more styles but I need to get these packaged up this afternoon (which takes longer than you think) as I’ve just listed them, you can find both new versions here and some of the purple roses on Folksy.

Next post is a giveaway – hurrah!

New Rose Brooches…

I feel like I am permanently sewing at the moment.  Unlike many hard working makers out there, who I know work in the evenings, especially those with other day jobs;  I tend to stop around the boys bedtime and spend the rest of the evening attached to my laptop instead of a sewing machine.  In the last few weeks though, I have been trying to get on top of all the hand sewing projects, there have been lots of flowers to weave on the Hana-Ami Loom and many others to make from felt and beads so little pots appear around the house that can easily be picked up and put down.

Mostly I have mostly been working in replenishing flower brooch stock and adding a red version of the rose brooch for Winter.  I had always planned to do this but there is such a lot of work in each one that it’s taken me a while, I must admit that I do rather like the backs, it’s just one of those bits I feel I’ve ‘got right’ if that makes sense.  Does anyone read Mr Men to their kids?  I always have ‘Tidy and neat, neat and tidy’ going through my head when I finish a brooch back (from Mr Messy).

Because I was a good girl and made enough to replenish my own shop, AND list on Folksy, AND send some to Armagh (see last post) I had intended to take a shot of them all together, a mass of flower brooches simply so I could feel chuffed with myself for all the hard work, because it was hard work in a nice kind of way.  But I forgot.  Doh.

Instead I got packaging happy putting them onto their little cards and sealing them up so they stay dust and lint free, then stacking them in neat rows in boxes.  I fear when I read this back to myself I will sound a bit obsessed and obsessive, I am neither the mess of my house proves this.  Ok, I am just a little bit but only with things I really enjoy and that doesn’t stretch to housework.

Once the red roses were completed, I couldn’t resist making a few versions in mixed pinks, using the burgundy and dusty pink colours that I made for my new shop banner and cards, I only made 5 and have kept one for myself as these are my kind of colours.

As a little treat I bought myself a wooden tray to work on when I am hand sewing so I can sit with it on my knee whilst I’m watching the telly, I’ll spend less time hunting for needles down the side of the sofa that way!

The brooches can be found in my shop (they now have their own section) along with replenishments of the buttercup version and pink roses and some are also listed on Folksy.  Next I will be starting a mini acorn making factory on my wooden tray which I think I am really going to enjoy 🙂