Where did the time go….?

Half term has flown by, I had so many plans most of which have fallen by the wayside but I am a bit over excited by some of our developments.

We are now the proud owners of shed and a decent sized on at that.  Make no mistake, this is not some lovely insulated hideaway for crafting but a place to ‘dump’ all our garden gear and the boys toys that strewn the lawn all year round.  As I may have mentioned before we have a slight stuff verses space problem (okay, mainly MY stuff) that makes our house a little crowded at times so any extra storage is more than welcome.  I should mention it will be a nice shade of ‘lavender’ not the Tango tan it arrives with once stained up.

The shed has come just in time for the (well over due) floor leveling in the living room.  I have waited years, literally, for this and in the meantime have lived with nasty cheap plastic flooring over mouldy ancient lino tiles, for those who think I exaggerate note the photo above – nasty!  Now, after some thick tar like ‘do not use in a domestic setting’ sealing we have had the floor leveled and in a week we’ll have proper wooden flooring over proper underfloor heating, I am so excited I can hardly wait.

Apart from moving furniture about and keeping kids off drying floors I have found a little time to work through yet more open projects.

I am really keen to get everything finished as I’m already thinking about Christmas, yes, yes, I know it’s Summer right now but realistically the big ‘C’ is my busiest time of year and I need to start making stock early, I have new fabric waiting in the wings and plenty of ideas but really want to clear all open projects first.

Right, need to dash as it’s also F’s Birthday this week so I have party bags to organise and then the living room to paint before the new flooring arrives.  So many things, so little time 🙂

Bold and Brilliant Colour…

It occurred to me over the weekend whilst working in the garden that my taste in flowers is similar to my taste in fabric.  The top flower bed has been a riot of colour, filled with bright tulips (Ballerina, China Pink and Jan Reus to name a few) against acid green euphorbias.  I would love to say that I planned it all without any help, but that would be a lie, I have taken most of my ideas for the garden from combinations suggested by Sarah Raven in her book ‘The Bold and Brilliant Garden’ (I also use her book ‘Grow Your Own Cut Flowers’ rather a lot).


When designing, I especially like to mix bright coloured cotton prints with pale linens, wools and tweeds.  For those who read my blog or who have visited the shop site, you will already know my designs tend to follow this trend.  I also like fabrics with an element of nature, especially flowers so you can imagine my excitement when the below fabric (Garden Party by Anna Maria Horner) arrived in the post:


And not only is it beautiful but it arrived the next day and was packaged perfectly in powder blue tissue and ribbon.  It came from the on-line fabric shop Saints and Pinners which I wouldn’t have know about had Karen over at Blueberry Park not highlighted in a recent post (so thanks Karen!).

I don’t normally sew at weekends, it’s family time, but I couldn’t resist making up a couple of new dresses for the linen cats/bunnies and here they are:


New linen cat and bunny

New linen cat and bunny

My husband even mentioned that he thought it was the nicest cat/bunny dress yet, which is high praise indeed as he doesn’t normally take any interest in my sewing.  In fact I love it so much I went straight back on-line to order some more and had to resist all the other lovely fabrics available, well I didn’t entirely resist I snuck in a half yard of Westminster Fabrics Social Climber in green and pink.

As if one blog wasn’t enough…

I had a thought over the weekend that blogging would be a great way to track the garden for a year, both the vegetable and flower growing; and the cooking that goes with it.  I realise the problems already, one being time, there already aren’t enough hours in the day and the cooking bit might get a bit tricky…chutney, does that go in my crafty blog or my gardening blog as it’s made with home grown produce?..hummm, I’ll figure that one when I get to it.

Anyhow, if you have an interest in gardening, or simply want to have a look at what my house/garden/kids look like feel free to pop over and have a read at Rock Cottage Year. (I didn’t say the title was very original!).

As a tempter here are my favourite Spring Flowers in the garden at the moment – Coronas ‘Sylphide’ (bright pink)  and Muscari/Grape Hycinth (my fav. ‘latifolium’ which has pale blue at the top).