Open…and GIVEAWAY!!


I opened the shop and Folksy back up last weekend, they are are a little bit empty to be honest, my ‘to do’ list, just to re-stock, is quite long:

Cashmere Bears (cut but not stitched up)

Lavender Birds (in a nice new spring colour)

Linen Mice (cut out but, again, not stitched together)

Tweed Bunny Purses (yet again, cut out, and partly stitched)

Monster Purses (I can’t keep up with these)

Felt Flower Brooches (mostly buttercups and auriculas)

As you can see, many have been cut but are sitting in their project boxes waiting to be completed.  I’m starting with a re-stock of flower brooches.  Almost the most time consuming bit of this is assembling the pieces to sew, but I do like seeing them all laid out nicely on a tray, ready for stitching.


It reminded me that I have a tweed bag, complete with buttercup brooch, sitting in a box, ready for a Spring giveaway.  I couldn’t work out what was wrong with it when I took it out to photograph today, I knew there was a fault and it was why I’d popped it aside,

DSC_0026but I can now see that the strap is on the wrong side.  Doh!  otherwise it’s in perfect order and I don’t think it makes any difference really, especially if you’re left handed….although then the zip would pull the wrong way…maybe.

DSC_0001It has cheery ‘Snow White’ lining and is ready to be given away, so do please comment below to be in with a chance and I’ll pick a winner in the 2nd March.  I’ll post anywhere, and sadly, can’t reply to comments as it pushes the numbers out.  On which note, I am trying to catch up with all my blog reading and replying to comments here, so do please be patient with me.  Things are slipping.

DSC_0019And on a complete tangent, I have new boots, just arrived today from the Dune sale and I love them.  I might need to invest in some flouncy long Victorian style skirts.

Right, I have to go clean now, I’ve been neglecting my housewife duties and I’m at the point where I’d be too embarrassed to invite anyone through the door, never a good thing.





Tweed Flower Purse Give Away – the Winner!


Thank you everyone who entered the tweed purse give away, and for all your lovely comments. Screen shot 2012-12-01 at 15.42.01

The winner is Claire of ‘my norfolk life‘ who left comment number 18 (Claire, I’ve emailed you to get your address).  I hope to have more give aways coming up, I just need to be more organised.

I have pretty much stopped sewing here.  It wasn’t my intention, I had hopped to get a lot more done this season, including some re-stocks of old favourites such as ballerina mice (as so many people asked after them this year) and a new batch of christmas tree fairies but once I stopped, I felt very relaxed and I realised the only person putting pressure on me to get these things done is myself.  There is so much on at the moment that I feel happy with my decision to just leave the shop ticking over for now and to concentrate on other things, I do have quite a few half-finished projects but I’m happy to view them as a bonus get ahead for next year.


I’ve been trying to get the house in order, finishing up some very long-standing jobs and general tidying.  The boys were over the top excited about advent calendars starting yesterday, after a sort pause, I agreed to start putting decorations up.  I don’t normally do this until further into December, although I am very much a Christmas person, I like to wait a bit before dolling the house up.  We haven’t gone too far, just the odd ornament at the moment.


Charlie was desperate to do a ‘woodland scene’ that he could include ‘Foxy’ his favourite soft toy in so I left him too it.  At the time of taking the photo, Foxy is building train tracks with Charlie.  Marcus hates these bristle animals but me and the boys like them so we win 🙂


The boys are spoilt for choice this year with advent, they have their very favourite sock/mouse calendar from Germany and completely homemade.


Not only do they get chocolates, but on some days there is also a ‘parcel’ in the mouse bag.  It’s a lovely way to spread out the present giving and one we all really appreciate.  I am always amazed how good the boys are at not ‘sneak peeking’ in the bag, they love hunting down the correct number when they need to but otherwise the presents sit happily in the sack, untouched by inquisitive little fingers 😉


They also have German ‘Kinder’ calendars and we bought them each a ‘Playmobil’ one after the success of last year’s.  I love how the scene builds over the 25 days, last time they had dinosaur and castle versions, as above.


For me, I bought a Betty’s, Poppy Treffry one with little chocolates inside, to hang in my studio.  I know I could make one for myself, but sometimes it’s just nice to have someone else do the work.  M doesn’t have or want a calender….Bah Humbug 😉

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and it hasn’t been too wet, I wouldn’t mind a bit of snow to be honest.

Give Away – Tweed Linen Purse

Lots of challenging life things going on around here, meaning my blogging and sewing time may be a bit infrequent from now onwards – I’ll do my best to keep up – but long overdue is the next give away.


When I made the tweed purses a while back, I mentioned that they were quite difficult to line up.  As you can see, one purse in particular is very ‘out’ so I thought I’d set it aside for a give away (the yellow stitching is machine basting that has now been removed).  I was about to write that it’s perfect in every other way, but I also notice the inside pocket is on the wrong side…..apart from that, it is a lovely purse!

So with one LHS pocket and dodgy lining up, but with lovely fabrics, the usual hand holding strap and removable rose corsage here it is.  Please just leave a comment before Saturday 1st December – what!!! December is that close, oh dear, where did the time go – oh, and you can live anywhere, it’s open to all.

BTW, I have managed a few jobs, including some non-sewing (new shelves in my studio) and finally re-upholstering my Gran’s pouffe so I’ll try to get the accompanying posts written soon.


Lavender Bird Give Away Winner…

Thank for all your lovely comments on the lavender bird giveaway.

The winner was comment number 35, which was by Carefully made by Mrs Robinson, who I see has a lovely blog, full of fabulous makes, especially for little ones.  I’ve said this before but one of the things I love most about doing giveaways is finding lots of new bogs to visit.

Thank you everyone for entering, I really do appreciate it.

There are more giveaways coming up soon….:)

Give away: Mr Monster…

I have a little Monster Purse with very wonky ears.  I’d meant to do a give away when I did my recent post about the replenished (and now nearly gone!) monster purses but I forgot.  So here he is.  Usual rules, just leave a comment to be in with a chance, I’m happy to post worldwide and I’ll pick the winner on Sunday 26th August.

That’s all 🙂


101st post?!! Blog Anniversary Giveaway…

Ha, ha, so I wanted to do a Giveaway for my 100th post but I have somehow got myself muddled so this is in fact the 101th post Giveaway…oh, well, the best laid plans and all that 😉

I guess I should really write about how much I love blogging (which I do) and how I enjoy the on-line community it has brought (which is also true) but instead I’m going to waffle on about my favourite product, the Linen Cats & Bunnies.

OK, so the first shop item I ever made was a Linen Bunny, which I created for my oldest son (now about to turn 5!) followed by a Cat version and that’s how The Linen Cat was born, as simple as that.  They remain one of my favourite things to make, not least because I don’t make any two alike, I will often make more than one dress or set of trousers in the same fabric but they will always have different trimmings.

(I have just checked my blog for a link to the full bunny story only to realise that this is a double celebration as The Linen Bunny itself is now 2 years old!!)

It’s been a while since I made any, as they sell in flits, nothing for a while then I’ll sell quite a few, usually to the same family or group of friends, so it appears that they sell better in ‘the flesh’ as it where.  I think the price might put people off as compared to many homemade looking, but mass produced softies they cost more but they take quite a long time to make and the material costs are one of the highest, I also think the attention to detail doesn’t come over very well in the photos and the restriction on MrSite to 1 photo is a bit of an issue (I could pay to upgrade, allowing me 3, but I am a little unhappy with some bugs on MrSite right now).

Finally, the ‘not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts’ I know puts people off.  Quite a few Linen Cats & Bunnies have been given as Christening presents and I guess most sensible parents would not be daft enough to put an item with buttons and beads in bed with a chewing baby, or allow them to play unsupervised….I could loose all the beads/buttons but I so love the detail of the back button on the boys tweed trousers, I’m not sure I could part with that.

So, for giveaway, we have either the Oatmeal Girl Linen Cat in Flower Dress with Red Buttons (as above) OR an Oatmeal Boy Linen Cat in Tweed Trousers with Red Trim (also as above).  The winner can choose which of the two they want.  To enter, please simply leave a comment on this post.  That’s all, nothing fancy just say ‘hi’.  I will close the giveaway on Friday 14th May (midnight BST) and I’m happy to post worldwide so anyone can enter (but the package will be sent by Airmail so might take a while).

Finally, I know you know this, but I really enjoy reading everyones comments on my blog and I totally appreciate anyone who takes the time to write.  I do try to reply and rest assured that anyone I know about I do also read your blogs, some as a lurker and some ‘out in the open’, I am just quite bad at leaving comments sometimes, for which, I do apologise 🙂

Christmas give away…

Yep, I am feeling festive and my Online Shop is about to turn 1 (this is in fact my second shop, the first was created in Google but was a bit hard work so I moved to MrSite last December), so what better way to celebrate than with a festive Christmas give away.  So, I have one Plum Fairy and one set of Purple and Gold Birds up for grabs (she looks rather dull but I promise Plum Fairy is a rather jaunty shade of purple not dingy brown).

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, any comment, doesn’t have to be long, just say ‘hi there’ if that’s all you wish and comments must be left by Friday 27th November.  I’ll post anywhere, but abroad will be by regular Airmail so it may take a while.

That’s it.  Ahhhh, my first ever give away, almost brings a tear to the eye…