I’m sorry I’ve been a bit absent recently, both in blogging and in reading and commenting on other people’s blogs.  I have been busy working, mainly re-stocking the shop but also making some things for myself (clothing, for a change), curtains for my sister and trying to get the garden in order for the coming year.

I’ve just had the most wonderful weekend, being spoilt rotten in anticipation of my Birthday (I turn the big 4-O soon) and it appears I’m stretching the celebrations out over 4 weekends (I should stress that I don’t normally do anything for my Birthday, so this is quite unusual for me) and to top off the perfect weekend, the new Country Living arrived where I’ve made it onto the hallowed Emporium pages – hurrah!

I did know in advance, and it’s partly why I’ve been so busy re-stocking the shop and making sure everything is in order but it’s still most exciting to see my little mouse cosy hanging out in such a great company in one of my favourite magazines.  I’ve been lucky to get quite a bit of magazine coverage over the past few years but I’ll confess Country Living takes top spot, I’ve been a subscriber for many years, as are most of the female members of my family so it has made me very happy indeed.

Right, in celebration of both my Birthday and being famous 😉 I thought it was time for a giveaway.  I’m sorry to notice I haven’t done one for a while, I had a couple planned over Christmas but with all the illness and accidents in this household it was one of the balls that got dropped.

On this occasion I’m giving away one of the new flower brooches, it has a slightly wonky back (ie I didn’t center the brooch pin very well),

and a pink tweed bunny purse, which has a slightly sticky zip (due to my putting it in fractionally unevenly).  Although both have these slight faults they are perfectly useable and in very good order or I wouldn’t offer them up for a giveaway .Both will go together to one person and you can live anywhere in the world, just leave a comment on this post (nothing special, just say ‘hi’) and I’ll pick out a name on Saturday 17th March.

That’s all, nice and easy and please remember I can’t reply to comments as it alters the numbers.

That’s it for today.  I have loads of half written posts and piles of half sewn projects I need to crack on with, I am feeling quite relaxed though and taking things at a comfortable pace so I hope to have more time for blogging over the coming weeks.  Good luck with the giveaway 🙂

And the Winners are…

As picked this morning by the good old

Which are the comments left by:

Emily M, Lola Stanley, Jane Marland and Chris Karling.  I’ve emailed you for your addresses, thanks for entering, your parcels will be on their way as soon as I get your addresses.

Big thanks everyone that took the time to comment, it was a great response to this giveaway and I’ve found lots of lovely new blogs and websites to browse around, which is always the best bit for me.

It has been a while, I’m sorry, I hadn’t intended to leave it so long between posts but we are busy with all the end of term activities, which seem to be going on for ages.  The boys still have a few weeks left but that time is packed which along with the hot sticky weather,  doesn’t exactly make me want to sit indoors sewing so I’ve already slowed my pace ready for 6 weeks (eek!) of little boys dominating my day.

There’s been some on-line shopping.  This lovely parcel comes from Flora of Through The Round Window and contains

I just couldn’t resist the sunny colour (this is Flora’s photo) of the Nasturtium.  It’s actually for a present but I have quite a few pieces of Flora’s lovely glass including some egg men that stay up all year around in our kitchen window.

I was very quick off the mark at the Orla Kiely sale and managed to buy this shift dress, I love the buttons in the back and the Airtex fabric.  I don’t buy clothes very often so I do try to treat myself to something from the OK sale, even though the prices still make me wince slightly.

I also treated myself and F a while ago to this great leather pouch from Ren at Fairy Steps.  It’s really mine, I plan to walk to and from school come September and wanted something stylish that could be attached to my belt to carry my key in.  F has taken rather a liking to it though, he thinks it’s perfect for his pirate costume so we have agreed to share it.  Of course the stylish romantic image of myself tripping along to school in my tweed jacket with belt and fancy pouch will be ruined by all the bags I will no doubt end up carrying for the boys and my cross, red face from repeating ‘hurry up boys, keep moving’ but a girl can dream.

I also bought (some time ago but keep forgetting to blog) this Blyton Picnic Tin.  I’ve been after it for ages and see that many of the new version have different crockery.  I really, really wanted this vintage powder blue version so had a hunt on the internet.  This is definitely a picnic set for the car as it’s actually rather heavy but I so love it, especially the cheery enamel red tin.  I haven’t linked to one online, as prices vary a lot, so it’s worth googling the name and having a good hunt around.

I’ve also been distracted by the garden, we are finally at the eating stage, which is the best bit.  In fact I’m about to go and pick up C from preschool and then we’ll spend the rest of the afternoon outdoors, may as well make the best whilst the sun shines 🙂

Giveaway – Bunnies…

I’m having a stock clear out and have decided to giveaway the remaining wool boy bunnies (the last girls are in the SALE section).  I’m also adding some owls and lavender bunnies (which have very little smell as they were stuffed some time ago for sample photos) to the bundles, so I have 4 packages, each containing:

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post before midnight on Saturday 9th July, just say ‘hi’ and you’ll be entered into the draw.  Oh and as always I wont reply to comments (to the keep the numbers correct) and do please make sure I can contact you, should you have your name picked out of the hat.

On a completely separate note, many thanks for the positive response to the new brooches, I’m thrilled they were so well received and especially that so many people who read this blog chose to buy one, I am planning more designs and happily spending my days playing with felt at the moment.

Rabbit Egg Cosy Winners…

Wonky eared rabbits are you ready….?

Numbers, Messy Monster hat and assistant in the form of oldest son in his pj’s, are you ready….?

(long pause, dramatic flashing lights)

The winners are…

Comment 15, Cate (see her blog here) and…

35, Fiona of Fiona T.  Ladies, I’ve emailed you for address details then your bunnies will be on their way.  Thanks everyone for entering, I really appreciate all the lovely comments (as always, can’t reply as it messes up the numbers) I found lots of new blogs to add to my Google Reader list again, it’s one of the things I like most about doing giveaways.

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, I’m off to potter in the garden then we’ve promised the boys a trip to the cinema this afternoon, should be fun!

Giveaway: Rabbit Egg Cosy…

Oh joy, in print and in one of my favourite magazines, oh comely.  I’ve been a subscriber since they ran a competition with Folksy back in September 2010 (one of the winners being the wonderfully talented Kirsty of Sixty One A), so I was thrilled to be asked if they could use my Rabbit Egg Cosies in their March edition.  Now, if you haven’t heard of oh comely, Monica over at Quilt While You’re Ahead said ‘It’s like a really cool blog, but in print format’ which I think is spot on, even my uber cool Berliner husband, who noticed it laying around, commented on it so high praise indeed.  They say of themselves:

‘oh comely is a magazine about people and their quirks and their creativity, rather than money and what it can buy.’

‘It’s a magazine that inspires people to be creative, talk to their neighbours and explore new things, rather than buy stuff or lose weight. Imagine sitting down with a cup of tea and a creative friend to hear all the strange things she says, all the curious stuff she does, and about the things she loves.’

You can buy a copy in WHSmith or subscribe here for £18 per year.

It did prompt a quick Rabbit Egg Cosy replenish as stock was very low.  I’d forgotten how tricky they are to make, getting the ears to match is a nightmare as they sit on a curve and tend to spring out at jaunty opposing angles, however much I baste them.

The linen is also very difficult to iron, even with a damp cloth and lots of steam.

Then again,  I am a bit of a perfectionist.

They are available to buy on my (fancy new! – more about that later) site or on Folksy.

I have 2 egg cosies for giveaway, cute though they are these ones have wayward ears and I’d feel bad selling them.  Just leave a comment, nothing more and I’ll pick two names out of the hat on Sunday 20th March, as always I’m happy to post Worldwide so this is open to everyone.  Nice and simple 🙂

Tweed Bunny Purse Giveaway…the winners!

Thanks for the great response to this giveaway, I really enjoyed reading all your comments and I’m sorry I can’t reply, as it is I managed to add a pingback so one of the numbers in the draw is me, but I figured it could always go back in the ‘hat’ if the boys picked it out.

We did this the old-fashioned way.

Some numbers

Two glamorous assistants complete with dinosaur head (but of course!).

And so, after writing a list (I kept loosing count of the numbers) the winners are, in the order they were picked (I’ve emailed you ladies):

23 Sheila  – Black Bead Bunny Purse (Sheila’s Blog)

45 Vicky – Brown Bead Bunny Purse

21 Lyn – Red Bow Bunny Purse (Lyn’s Blog)

Thanks ladies, your purses are packaged and will be on their way tomorrow.

And thanks again to everyone who took the time to comment, I’m working my way through any links you might have left for blogs and websites, having a good nosey, I do love ‘meeting’ new people.

OK, as it’s unlikely I’ll be blogging again for a few days, I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and all your hopes and wishes come true 🙂


I’ve just been looking at the referrals for this blog and see quite a few lovely people that kindly link here that I didn’t know about – hello! *waves*,  I’ve just updated my Google Reader list and I look forward to getting the chance to know everyone better and sorry its taken me so long.

It’s high time for a giveaway I think.

Most of the commissions that I’ve been working on have been Tweed Bunny Purses, with a few requested colours/designs (all for family and friends),

I can show you the above as the intended recipients don’t read my blog….oh don’t think….if they do….SURPRISE!!

And so I decided as I was already making so many specials, I’d  make one for this giveaway and here it is.  Well actually I’m fibbing, the below is also a commission but I’ll make one exactly the same.

I’m also giving away two sample purses, please don’t think I’m being cheap, there are minor flaws but they are still of a standard

above the white ribbon that holds the beads is slightly showing in places, so I didn’t feel right selling it


and this is one of the original Tweed Bunny Purses, so is the slightly smaller size and the lining isn’t backed with interfacing (which all subsequent purses are).

Hope you don’t mind these minor flaws.

It’s simple, just leave a comment by Sunday 19th December, nothing more and I’ll pick the winners on the Monday; the first name out will get the black beaded purse, second the brown beaded one and third the original with red ribbon bow.   I’m also happy to ship worldwide, it just might take a while to arrive.

Hope that makes sense, I wont be able to reply to comments to keep the numbers correct but I appreciate the time anyone takes to drop by and say hello, it’s always a pleasure 🙂

And the winner is…….

Jill of I should have listened to my Mother blogspot (Jill writes a lovely blog, you should go and check it out) who wrote comment No. 16.  As you can see, I didn’t use the old random number generator, I enlisted the help of my glamorous assistant (oh and mental note: do remember to tidy the background of the shot next time – doh!) and he obliged only after I took photos of his new Gormitis, he was a bit grumpy so I’ll be using the younger but happier to help glamorous assistant next time!  He’s cuter but slightly harder to control.

So, one of the gang will be on it’s way to Jill soon, after which I will pop the rest in the shop.  I have been in the studio quite a bit this week working on some replenishment products in new colours, which deserve a post of their own but I wanted to ‘announce the winner’ before heading outside to make the most of this lovely weather.  I hope you are having some sun and a very relaxing weekend 🙂

101st post?!! Blog Anniversary Giveaway…

Ha, ha, so I wanted to do a Giveaway for my 100th post but I have somehow got myself muddled so this is in fact the 101th post Giveaway…oh, well, the best laid plans and all that 😉

I guess I should really write about how much I love blogging (which I do) and how I enjoy the on-line community it has brought (which is also true) but instead I’m going to waffle on about my favourite product, the Linen Cats & Bunnies.

OK, so the first shop item I ever made was a Linen Bunny, which I created for my oldest son (now about to turn 5!) followed by a Cat version and that’s how The Linen Cat was born, as simple as that.  They remain one of my favourite things to make, not least because I don’t make any two alike, I will often make more than one dress or set of trousers in the same fabric but they will always have different trimmings.

(I have just checked my blog for a link to the full bunny story only to realise that this is a double celebration as The Linen Bunny itself is now 2 years old!!)

It’s been a while since I made any, as they sell in flits, nothing for a while then I’ll sell quite a few, usually to the same family or group of friends, so it appears that they sell better in ‘the flesh’ as it where.  I think the price might put people off as compared to many homemade looking, but mass produced softies they cost more but they take quite a long time to make and the material costs are one of the highest, I also think the attention to detail doesn’t come over very well in the photos and the restriction on MrSite to 1 photo is a bit of an issue (I could pay to upgrade, allowing me 3, but I am a little unhappy with some bugs on MrSite right now).

Finally, the ‘not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts’ I know puts people off.  Quite a few Linen Cats & Bunnies have been given as Christening presents and I guess most sensible parents would not be daft enough to put an item with buttons and beads in bed with a chewing baby, or allow them to play unsupervised….I could loose all the beads/buttons but I so love the detail of the back button on the boys tweed trousers, I’m not sure I could part with that.

So, for giveaway, we have either the Oatmeal Girl Linen Cat in Flower Dress with Red Buttons (as above) OR an Oatmeal Boy Linen Cat in Tweed Trousers with Red Trim (also as above).  The winner can choose which of the two they want.  To enter, please simply leave a comment on this post.  That’s all, nothing fancy just say ‘hi’.  I will close the giveaway on Friday 14th May (midnight BST) and I’m happy to post worldwide so anyone can enter (but the package will be sent by Airmail so might take a while).

Finally, I know you know this, but I really enjoy reading everyones comments on my blog and I totally appreciate anyone who takes the time to write.  I do try to reply and rest assured that anyone I know about I do also read your blogs, some as a lurker and some ‘out in the open’, I am just quite bad at leaving comments sometimes, for which, I do apologise 🙂

And the winner is…

Drum roll please…..

Shelley, as you left the 3rd comment, Yeah! There will be a little mouse with matching bird on it’s way to you (I will email you for your details).

Thanks everyone who left a comment, I found out about loads of new blogs to add to my reader list and it’s nice to see some new people found their way here to read my random mutterings.

Must also apologise for some really dodgy photos recently (the above being and example).  I envy other peoples blogs that contain such lovely images, I have good intentions but find the light and more often than not the kids sabotage my attempts!  As an example I spent a lot of yesterday morning trying to get a good shot of the new spring felt birds as the light outside was perfect for good colour without much shadow, but with the boys using the tripod as a robot and the light changing quicker than I could rush back out to take the shot it didn’t work out.  Oh well, the best laid plans and all that…

Right, sorry for the quick post but we have plans, I am making the most of our Saturday with only a few bad coughs and an ear infection between us, believe me that’s the best it’s been for a while!

I just put this photo in as I am loving the new Moo.