Birthday Bunny…

Both of the boys have Birthdays coming up (Charlie turns 2, Felix 4) and whilst planning cakes and presents and wondering where the time has gone, I realised that The Linen Cat, or at least the linen bunny as my first shop creation actually was, must also be a year old as I made the original between their birthdays last year.  

I try quite hard to design things that I really enjoy but that will also appeal to others and my linen bunnies went through a number of re-designs before reverting back to the original, as I feared they were a little too quirky (they have been described as goats and ugly amongst other things).  I made the first bunny from some linen left over from our kitchen curtains and some stuffing from a cushion I was throwing out.  It had button eyes from my Gran’s button jar and trousers made from old corduroy fabric and was based on a child’s drawing.  I fell in love and figured other people might like the bunny too.  I then tried the same bunny smaller, with straight legs with slightly different shaped heads and then in cat form.  I was very enthusiastic to use reclaimed fabrics and especially buttons but I realised pretty swiftly that I had a particular taste in fabric (namely funky bright cotton prints, linens and tweeds) and that old button tins are not that easy to come by as they are quite sort after (although Bex over at Bex Buttons always does well with her finds).

Bunny evolution

Bunny evolution - the original samples

I don’t sell as many bunnies as cats, I understand why but I really enjoyed making new ones last week to replenish the shop.  I also don’t sell as many boys as girls but I am still lightly in love with the boys trousers and the way they fit around the cat and bunny tails, it’s one of my favourite details.  

New Linen Bunny
New Linen Bunny

Linen Cat back button

Overall, the linen cats and bunnies are still my favourite things and I think back fondly of creating that first bunny and where it has now lead me.

Happy Birthday Boys and Happy Birthday Bunny!