Still here…

Just in case you wondered where I’d gone, I am still here.  I was working hard on new products but then half term arrived and it all went a bit awry, I’d assumed everything would kick back into place  this week but I’m struggling to get back into the swing of things, I’ve lost my mojo.

F has recently taken to drawing continuously which is great, he has a ‘weak wrist’ which makes it difficult for him to hold a pencil correctly, I’m amazing how quickly he’s improving now he’s on a roll.  We mostly get aliens or, as above; ghosts, vampires, spiders and bats so in honour of this and his general love of all things spooky I’ve invested in some new coasters.

I love them.  I appreciate not everyone gets excited by zombies munching on brains under their cup of coffee but they fit right into this house, as I’ve mentioned many times, we have very eclectic taste. They are by the very talented Fiona T and you can find more of her work here.  The immaculately stitched designs are based on Fiona’s sister drawings which can be found here, if monsters are not your thing then there are many other designs available but personally, I have my eye on an embroidered pink zombie notebook cover.

Over half term I did manage a little sewing, a Messy Monster costume from Okido for F’s school book day.  I know I’ve shouted about Okido magazines before but they really are great, the perfect mix of fun and education and packaged in such an arty, funky style.  I was so pleased he chose this as his perfect costume…that was until I had to make it and my lost mojo got in the way.  After forcing myself to get on with it (time is running out),  I rather enjoyed myself.  I hope to get a photo of F wearing it but in case I don’t have time here you go.

Loving the monster feet, I want some.

Finally, thanks for all your recent comments I really do enjoy reading them and I’m so glad you liked the new lavender bird.  Sorry for my sloppy lack of replies as of late, time has been running away, I haven’t even caught up on my Google Reader list which says I have over 400 posts to read. Yikes!

OK, off to hunt down my mojo 🙂