Shiny, pretty things…

I have a number of addictions and top of the list would be internet shopping as I get to combine the love of my laptop (yes, I do love my laptop which I know is a bit sad but I have to admit it) and shopping, two of my favourite things.  Since PayPal came along it is a little too easy to just press a button and a few days later lovely things arrive in the post.  The same can be said of ebay…we have bought some wonderful items over the years but I have learnt not to shop late at night after a couple of glasses of wine!

Another addiction is checking the post.  Even if I am not expecting anything I have a little flutter of excitement when the red van pulls into our lane.  I like to savour opening a parcel to the point where I leave it on the side for a while and maybe finish my jobs or make myself a coffee so I can really enjoy the experience.

I don’t get out much!!

Well, this week was a little over the top with deliveries and below is the weeks haul.  I would like to take this opportunity to say that a number of the items below are presents for other people and it is not the norm to spend so much money in one week.

Saltwater clothingSnowflake earringsMoomin MugFabric RehabFabric ClosetCloudberry Living

From the top we have:

Saltwater clothing – I am very, very pleased that you can now buy saltwater clothing online.  These were in the sale, I love a bargain.

Snowflake earrings by Yoola – Found this fabulous store on Etsy and enjoyed reading the blog advice on stretching your boundries re sales.

Moomin Mug – A replacement mug for my son as the original was broken.  Bought from Cloudberry Living, one of my favourite sites for Scandinavian goods.

Fabric Rehab – Russian Doll And Toadstools Fabric from the best UK shop for cool fabrics.

Fabric Closet – Yet more fabric, in this case from Fabric Closet on Etsy.

ISAK Landsby Bread Board and Ittala Alto dish – Again from Cloudberry Living.  I love the new ISAK range and each item comes in it’s own bag as an added bonus.