Happy Easter…

I forgot the below photo on my recent Tweed Purse post.  For those whose who’ve followed the purses from the beginning, you know well that they are blatantly based on the good old Lindt bunny which is gracing the selves of every supermarket and corner shop in the UK at the moment.  It’s the only product I make that isn’t really my own design in that it was always intended as a tweed version of the very delicious chocolate original, but I like to think it has a Linen Cat twist and so deserves a place in my shop.  Just thought I’d mention it in case you were wondering why they looked so familiar.

I hope everyone is off to a good start to the Easter Holidays?  We’ve been off for nearly 2 weeks now so the boys are going a little stir crazy but the beautiful weather is certainly helping, I can’t imagine what they’d be like stuck indoors.  We’ve been out and about on walks, picnics in the park and a trip to Camber Sands and although it’s been lovely I am suddenly really homesick for the Yorkshire Dales.  It’s just so busy here in Kent, I really miss being able to set off for a walk where you can get away from everything and find a nice peaceful spot for a picnic (around us the land is mainly agricultural or horse pastures so you can’t just potter off as you can at home) and I really, really miss being able to swim in the river.  I am sure these things are possible in Kent in the right places, I guess I was just spoilt as a child having it all on the doorstep.

As I’m being all nostalgic for my childhood and I was asked about the images to the left of my notice board recently I thought I’d chat about them; they are in fact some of the cards from the Happy Families set, illustrated by Racey Helps.  We used to stay with my Gran quite often as children (for those who read here a lot, you’ll already know that my Gran was a great influence and encourager of my sewing and drawing) and a highlight was sitting in her bed in the mornings reading stories, singing songs and playing games.  We used to read all sorts but the main books that fix in my mind are the many with animals dressed in clothing and living in their imaginary worlds.  I have very fond memories of Richard Scarry books and also of Racey Helps and recently started collecting old copies of both.

The Racey Helps appear to be out of print, which is really sad as my boys love the stories

and I adore the images, especially the flower and nature details.

I’m sure it has some influence on the fact I like to create dressed animals amongst my products.  You can find out all about Racey Helps in so many places, I wont chatter on, I just wanted to share my current sideline obsession (well, one of them anyhow) and as they have such a Spring feel it seemed like a good time to post a few photos.

Today, we are getting ready for Easter, the boys have been helping me decorate and tidy, F did the above drawings and I promised him I’d photograph them for my blog, so here you go, a bunny, a lamb and a butterfly….apparently 🙂

Lastly, Create are running an Easter Egg Hunt on the 27th April where you can win an iPad2, it’s a twitter competition and promises to be loads fo fun so do join in if you can and pop over to the link to watch their cute promo videos (my boys love the giant egg, I think they assume it really is made out of chocolate – bless!).

Happy Easter everyone!