Phew, stress over…

Well, the first day of school went well.  I was, as I wrote in my last post, a bit anxious, mainly about the routine and commitment (no deciding on a whim to go off for the day) but after dropping F off I came back to the house and felt very calm and stress free.  OK, so Mr C was still demanding attention but it was quite blissful only having once child to look after and it has dawned on me how much work I will be able to get done, who knows, I may even clean the house!  I should point out that F had a nice day, he was pretty indifferent to be honest, I fear once he realises he has to go every day he wont be a happy bunny but time will tell.

The builders are cracking on, they have demolished the back of the house and are busy building it back up, we have new windows already and I am very impressed with their progress.  It’s almost nice that the living room is chaos as I just have to accept that’s how it is going to be for a few weeks and not get stressed about cleaning.  This allows me to sew guilt free and I have finally made a start on the new colour hanging birds/lavender bags,


which in turn has allowed me to go on a bit of a ribbon buying spree.  I ordered quite a bit from Ribbon Oasis, they have a good selection at a fair price.  I love shopping online as I can be quite firm about not over ordering, I have a tendency in a good haberdashery store to buy lots of things I don’t need but fall in love with.


I still need brown ribbon then a big photo session is in order of the new Autumn/Winter stock so I can update the shop and Folksy.