Pretty Packaging…

As I am always chattering about detail, I thought I would do a packaging blog.  One of the nice things about ordering from individuals as opposed to big companies is the detail in the packaging.  I love receiving nice parcels wrapped in tissue and ribbon.  The boys get very excited if free sweets are involved (we have had a few mini packets of Haribo in our time amongst others), I have had some lovely bookmark cards and I love a pretty business card….I am thinking of getting a spot in my studio, just for displaying business cards.  Some of the big companies also do it well, ISAK are sending out their new trays etc in a bag (the below was a recent Wedding present I bought for a friend, it’s one of those great repeat gifts, I also bought it for my husband on our 5yr Wedding Anniversary as 5yrs is wood and the tray is made from birch).


Blossom and Bill tray by Isak with it's delivery bag.

Blossom and Bill tray by ISAK with it's delivery bag.

I notice that MOO MiniCards pop up a lot.  I am also a big fan of these, they cost £10 for 100 and you can have up to 100 digital images.  I have used these as party invites in the past, I am a fan of their NoteCards and stickers as well.


MOO print MiniCards for The Linen Cat

MOO print MiniCards for The Linen Cat

With The Linen Cat I like to keep a colour theme going, green features a lot, both on my text and wrapping.  Bigger items are packed with a mini butterfly lavender bag attached to my business card.  I would love to be more eco-friendly but I also feel I have to be sure items arrive in a good condition, and certainly for the larger, pricier things (especially linen cats/bunnies) that generally means plastic features somewhere.  Sadly the bio-degradable plastic and ‘paper’ jiffys are very expensive, I hope eventually to be able to upgrade to these but at the moment I need to keep my costs down.  I do post in cardboard where possible. 


Owl Lavender Bags being packed for posting.

Owl Lavender Bags being packed for posting.

I can’t finish this post without a mention of some lovely recent deliveries.  I ordered the British Biscuit Box from Treaclezoo for my son’s Birthday (he is very into play food at the moment and it makes a change from plastic Gormiti or Ben 10) and it came beautifully packaged….notice the lovely stickers from MOO print, how cute are they?


British Biscuit Selection from Treaclezoo

British Biscuit Selection from Treaclezoo

And finally, purely for myself I had to order some postcards from HidenSeek as I am just a little bit in love with them.  This was the most delightful package to get, the envelope and hand written letter give a really personal touch and the business card is a beautiful object in it’s own right.


Postcards from HidenSeek/Hidden Eloise

Postcards from HidenSeek/Hidden Eloise

I am all for supporting small business and individuals and love that extra care and personal touch that you get.

Yet more Bold and Brilliant colour…

These arrived in the post this morning


for the linen cat/bunnies and whilst putting them away, I realised just how pretty a lot of my supplies are and couldn’t resist a few photos.  (The beads came from beads unlimited as it was the only place I could find bright coloured 8mm varnished beads at a reasonable price).


One of the many collections of silks that I own, in this case in a silk roll that I inherited from my Gran.  I hope, in time, to replicate this for the shop along with a few other of my Gran’s sewing things.


My ric-rac jar, filled with brightly coloured (and some nice berry, blues and greens for the boys trousers) ric-rac.  Most come from Ribbonmoon where I also buy buttons, ribbons and other haberdashery supplies that I want in small amounts.


Finally, Nora’s lovely crochet flowers.  These are from a recent order and will soon be put to use.  I love ordering from Nora, she always delivers exactly what I ask for and is so lovely to deal with.

I could go on, there are the many bead jars, boxes of ribbons and neatly rolled bias binding but I figured I might be taking it a bit too far, besides the sun is shining and the garden calls.