Gold Tweed Bunny Purses

Forever ago, I started a new batch of tweed purses.  I get emails asking after them often, they are quite popular and sell well but I don’t enjoy making them as much as other things, there are simply too many areas that are difficult and there is always the possible outcome that the zips are so stiff I can’t sell them (it’s because of the curve that I’m forcing the invisible zip into, it doesn’t like it) so it’s taken me a ridiculously long time to finish this last batch.

DSC_0166Last February, I tweeted the above image as I couldn’t decide on bows, or flowers and the answer from lovely twitter peeps was flowers.

tweed bunniesAdvice I then totally ignored, as I’ve had this fixed idea in my head, since I made the first purse, many years ago, that I really wanted to do a gold and red bow version, like the Lindt chocolate treat they are based on.

DSC_0161I then fell out of love with making them, in a big way and they sat all lonely in a box for almost a year.  Poor bunnies.

DSC_0158The thing I was mainly avoiding making were the handles, which is mind numbing and challenges my machine with the thickness of tweed I have to sew through.

DSC_0180I also constructed these a bit differently, in an attempt to make sure the zips moved freely, and as a result had to hand stitch the red silk linings in, which I also kept avoiding.

DSC_0167But the realisation that Easter is nearly upon us, and the idea that another year might pass before these were actually photographed and listed spurred me to get my act together and get them out there.  As you can probably see, the light was less than perfect yesterday, but I knew we were in for some rain so I just did my best to take decent photos, in order to get the purses listed (here if you’re interested).  I hate doing this, I always intend to take updated images at a later date, but find I never do, which is very unprofessional, but it’s that or miss my target again.

DSC_0179On other things, life isn’t really letting up around here, I have a million things to do at once and to top it all off, poor F broke his arm at the end of last week.  On the plus side, I feel like I’m staying on top of it all (only just!) and I’m really enjoying having the kitties around for company during the day.  At least I can pretend I’m talking to them instead of myself, which makes me feel a little less like a crazy person 🙂

Listed: Bunnies and Birdies…

Finally, after a morning of slight stress and ice cream bribes (entertaining kids and updating your site don’t go together), they are listed.



All to be found here in the Spring Specials section and a few here on Folksy.

I had quite a lot to say about the new bunny purses, I bought the tweed forever ago (in the Winter actually) and have fallen in love with it, there is a beautiful golden fleck that runs through it giving a really nice texture, in fact so nice I’m keeping a Turquoise purse for myself.  I’ve also only finished half the pink batch but really feel I need to get them listed.  I wont say any more, I managed to delete the entire front page of my shop this morning by accident (obviously) and have spent the last hour re-creating it so I need to go and have a click through, make sure everything is working, oh and I’ve added ‘customer accounts’ in the hope it stops people having to add their full address details whenever they buy.  Again, hope it all works as haven’t been able to test it.

Back to the boys….how much longer to go? 😉

Better Late…

UPDATE: Doh, completely forgot to point out that the idea for making ‘Royal’ little birds is thanks to Claire of Love Poppet who left a comment on a past post with the suggestion. Sorry, Claire, not all with it today!

As always, I’m running behind, life has got in the way of the many plans I had.  I’ve given up on Mother’s Day again (there were some products I’d planned for last year, that also didn’t get made, ho-hum, maybe next year?), Easter is approaching fast and I’m way behind there as well.  I have, however, made some little birds in suitably ‘Royal’ colours for the Wedding.

I couldn’t bring myself to use cream or white, it just didn’t work so I’ve opted for red, blue and gold.  I quite like them and I’m happy for them to be in the shop after the Wedding.

Sadly they are shocking to photograph so the above is the best I can get, I need to take some over exposed shots, I think, but haven’t really got the time for a long play with the camera so these images will have to stay for now.  They are available here and here.

In other news, I’ve been lucky to be listed in the Mother’s Day blog post over at Create, along with some great sellers, so that’s rather nice.  M is away and the boys (well, C) has been ill, hence my lack of blogging in general.  It’s not been too bad, the first few nights were shocking with both boys awake and us all ending up top and tailing in the spare bed, but they’ve slept in their own beds since and the bonus of having C at home means I’ve got quite a bit of sewing and sorting done.

I’ve been enjoying finishing some open projects and re-stocks that have been waiting, half completed, in boxes

and one day, ideally before Easter, I actually hope to finish and list the new bunny purses.  Maybe 😉

PS, Still can’t leave comments on blogger blogs where they are left on the same page (with a separate pop-up box it’s working fine, although I’m saying ‘hi’ under my gmail account as WordPress wont link) so hello, I am still reading, I promise.

Tweed Bunny Purse Giveaway…the winners!

Thanks for the great response to this giveaway, I really enjoyed reading all your comments and I’m sorry I can’t reply, as it is I managed to add a pingback so one of the numbers in the draw is me, but I figured it could always go back in the ‘hat’ if the boys picked it out.

We did this the old-fashioned way.

Some numbers

Two glamorous assistants complete with dinosaur head (but of course!).

And so, after writing a list (I kept loosing count of the numbers) the winners are, in the order they were picked (I’ve emailed you ladies):

23 Sheila  – Black Bead Bunny Purse (Sheila’s Blog)

45 Vicky – Brown Bead Bunny Purse

21 Lyn – Red Bow Bunny Purse (Lyn’s Blog)

Thanks ladies, your purses are packaged and will be on their way tomorrow.

And thanks again to everyone who took the time to comment, I’m working my way through any links you might have left for blogs and websites, having a good nosey, I do love ‘meeting’ new people.

OK, as it’s unlikely I’ll be blogging again for a few days, I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and all your hopes and wishes come true 🙂


I’ve just been looking at the referrals for this blog and see quite a few lovely people that kindly link here that I didn’t know about – hello! *waves*,  I’ve just updated my Google Reader list and I look forward to getting the chance to know everyone better and sorry its taken me so long.

It’s high time for a giveaway I think.

Most of the commissions that I’ve been working on have been Tweed Bunny Purses, with a few requested colours/designs (all for family and friends),

I can show you the above as the intended recipients don’t read my blog….oh don’t think….if they do….SURPRISE!!

And so I decided as I was already making so many specials, I’d  make one for this giveaway and here it is.  Well actually I’m fibbing, the below is also a commission but I’ll make one exactly the same.

I’m also giving away two sample purses, please don’t think I’m being cheap, there are minor flaws but they are still of a standard

above the white ribbon that holds the beads is slightly showing in places, so I didn’t feel right selling it


and this is one of the original Tweed Bunny Purses, so is the slightly smaller size and the lining isn’t backed with interfacing (which all subsequent purses are).

Hope you don’t mind these minor flaws.

It’s simple, just leave a comment by Sunday 19th December, nothing more and I’ll pick the winners on the Monday; the first name out will get the black beaded purse, second the brown beaded one and third the original with red ribbon bow.   I’m also happy to ship worldwide, it just might take a while to arrive.

Hope that makes sense, I wont be able to reply to comments to keep the numbers correct but I appreciate the time anyone takes to drop by and say hello, it’s always a pleasure 🙂

Flying Bunnies….

I feel a bit guilty writing this post as essentially I’m writing to say that the Tweed Bunnies are finally listed in The Shop….only most have sold 😦 Sorry.  I listed them the other night and planned to follow up with an immediate post, but the photos aren’t great and I was hoping for better light today to get some new snaps and then show you the new additions but as it’s tipping it down right now, that’s not going to happen.

And so, here we have the new green purse, after an age searching the internet for decently priced feathers (as used in my own version) I had to abandon that idea and opt for a gold and bead collar similar to the brown purses.  Although these have sold out on my site, as this time of writing there are still 3 available on Folksy.  I have enough fabric to make a couple more, but these have already been promised to Family.

The turquoise and pink version (shocking photos, sorry) are also listed on my shop.  Again, this is the last of them as I only had limited amounts of tweed in these colours.

Right now, the brown tweed version has sold out but I will (hopefully) be making more.  To be honest, I need to concentrate on Linen Mice this week, but as a general rule the Bunny Purses are here to stay and will pop up every now and again in new seasonal colours, it just might not be for a while.  At least that’s that plan 🙂

Right, back to work, orders to pack and little boys to pick up.