Auricula Tweed Purses

I’m sewing, sewing, sewing at the moment and then in the evenings I’m trying to plan a new website, but it’s taking FOREVER.  I’d love to down tools and just focus on the re-design, but that’s not very practical.

DSC_0147The logo part is a real struggle, as I keep changing my mind.  I was all sold on committing myself to using a cat in there (I often wish I’d chosen a different shop name, but as I’m known under this one now, it’d be quite difficult to change it, plus I own the web domain etc etc).  Ho-hum, I’ll get there in the end.

DSC_0007I’m still mostly sewing blinds and then Christmas things for the shop (as this is always where I make most profit).  Last year was a bit of a disaster, work wise, what with becoming a single Mum and all.  I did put the hours in, but I didn’t promote my work or get things photographed and listed when I should have.  I think I’m in a good routine now of shop sewing, blind sewing and taking care of the boys.  Time is still very stretched, but it’s a huge benefit working from home, I did look at trying to work part time elsewhere, but the reality of who would look after the boys in school holidays and outside of school hours put a stop to those plans, for now anyway (it’ll be easier once they are both settled into secondary school…only a few more years to go!), plus my boys are quite ‘quirky’ and certainly F needs his time out at home once he’s finished school, he’d find after school club etc quite difficult.DSC_0045.jpgRight now, my focus is on getting the shop updated with all the stock that’s sitting around in boxes so I’m starting with some Auricula Tweed Purses.

DSC_0051.jpgI made the first of these years (I think!) ago for my Sister as a present.  Her’s has a jazzy lining made out of snippets of left over curtain fabric.

ariculapurse2.jpgThese new ones have silk orange linings, which I think give a nice ‘pop’ to them.  I love how the silk contrasts with the tweed and felt.

tweedpurseariculaburgundy.jpgThe only other difference is that the Auricula Brooches are the second generation ones, that have two yellow centre colours.DSC_0180.jpgYou can find them here, hanging out with Gold Bunnies….because you know what time of year is coming up next 😉



17 thoughts on “Auricula Tweed Purses

  1. Hey Beth,
    I always think your bunnies are one of your best designs, they’re very cute! I love that they look like the Lindt chocolates 🙂 glad to hear all is well and you can work at home to be with your boys too, sounds like a perfect plan. Your so lucky you can sew so well, it really is a great skill to have (I’m so wonky on sewing machines so I appreciate good sewing!). Am looking forward to seeing your shop evolve and am saving to buy my friend a little present from your place 🙂 I know she’d love it. She has two small children and balances work and being a mum and finds it hard so my hat goes off to you both, I admire you both, it’s not easy but as she says it’s very worth it. Hope life is treating you well dear Beth. Right am off to check my carrot cake (am baking it for H’s bday) wish me luck! Love Safxxx

    1. Hello lovely Saf
      I’m glad you like the bunnies, I decided that it’s a design I’m retiring, though, as there is quite a bit of work verses the price I can charge. I’m knee deep in new things at the moment, it’s quite nice to be working on stuff for later in the year as I can (hopefully) be all organised, and have it photographed and ready to go when the time comes, but ti makes it difficult to find things to blog about.

      I hope the carrot cake came out well and that you have a lovely B-Day with H.

      Hurrah, spring is coming!!


  2. Hello Beth,

    Adorable designs as always! I am so happy to hear you are finding your time/way for creating, and I agree working from home really works best for you at the moment so you can be there for the boys. Happy spring to you all! I admire you efforts for creating a new look for your business, and SO share the agony of the chosen name 😉 although yours is great but mine… Well, I chose it myself so can’t kick anyone else!

    Lovely February days to you all!


    1. Hi Mia

      It’s all about balance, Mia, and I guess I just have to make it work for the next few years (plus I’d rather sew, if I can). I like your name, it says what it is, where as mine doesn’t really suggest anything….apart from cats, that are linen!

      Hope the sun is shining for you!


  3. So glad to hear you are still able to make your beautiful designs.I find it so time consuming to do anything on the computer especially the photographs and working out the time spent etc etc. I can empathise with the quirky child! I don’t know how my daughter will get on with ‘independance’ but with my son – before I knew it – he was going on the train to do his own thing, so slowly slowly you will have more time.
    Hope you aren’t too ffffrrreeezzing ! Take care Fliss x

    1. Hi Fliss

      I think that trying to make the sewing pay is clearly my best option at the moment. Oh lovely quirky children, I wouldn’t have either of my two any other way, but it can be exhausting trying to support F in everything he needs. I do love seeing them grow, though, they are both great company to be around, I really enjoy having more grown up conversations with them as they get older. Bxx

  4. I get it about having to be at home for the kids. I used to sit on Adoption Panel one day a month and Button would go into complete meltdown about it. Even though she was at school. She absolutely needs to know that I’m available should she need me. It’s getting better. Slowly. But we’ll miss these days when they’re gone. 😉

    FWIW… I love the cat logo! Particularly the top one!

    1. Glad you like the logo, it has moved on a bit since I posted the photo, but I think I need to commit to cat or no cat!

      It’s so hard, isn’ it, getting the child raising balance right? I know already, sadly, that settling F into secondary school wont be easy, but we’re doing all we can to make it as smooth a transition as possible, and hopefully once he’s used to it all he’ll be fine. I love both my boys, quirks and all!! Bxx

  5. If the cat is causing you challenges with your logo, maybe don’t use a full cat but only a portion…maybe the tail or a corner of its head. Or maybe it’s curled up sitting atop your type. Lots of options. Great purses and bunnies.

    1. Thanks for dropping by and your comments 🙂

      I think my dilemma is about using a cat at all, I never have in the past but as it’s part of the shop name I thought maybe should. Great ideas though, I need to put some more time into getting it worked out as a good type and logo would help a lot. Thank you!

  6. Oh, I love the name The Linen Cat, but even as a big cat lover, don’t see the need for a cat in the logo… Almost better not, as it leaves a bit of mystery! I half wonder if putting a cat in there sends out a statement that your work is all about cats? Great that you are managing to sew, single parenting is hard but rewarding and fulfilling in different ways. R and I moved house last month, it’s been totally exhausting but we are getting there 🙂 Wish you were a bit nearer, as we need some blinds!

    1. Fab Fran, you have voiced exactly my concerns!! I have (and love my) cats but not everyone is onto them and I worry that using a cat in the logo kind of suggests it’s all about cats, which clearly isn’t the case. I think I might swing back to my original plan of a more vintage label style logo. Hope you settle into the new house with no hiccups, we might have to move in the future, but I’d have to seriously downgrade if we do, as I’d never qualify for a mortgage again. Bxxx

  7. Good luck with the logo thoughts! I like your name, because I think of you and your beautiful work, without actually thinking about the words used. A vintage label inspired sounds gorgeous… So good that you are finding a routine to your days that work for the three of you and that there is time to continue with your delightful makes

  8. Hi Beth – you’ve clearly got lots to think about at the moment. Not easy decisions.

    I can understand your name change dilemma. I’ve been wondering about trying to build up a wee business once Katie starts school in August…….I’d rather be able to work from home for much the same reasons as you……I have an idea where I’d like to go which would be a little different from what I’d always imagined…….and have been wondering whether I should stick with Forest Poppy, which says nothing but is known a little, or go for a much more specific name (there’s one which is quite clear in my head). Not easy is it?!

    I guess for you The Linen Cat is very well known and repsected now, and I think you have a pretty loyal following too. I must admit that I wouldn’t feel a strong need for you to have a cat in your logo – I like the vintage inspired idea…..but you have to go with what feels best for you.

    Well done with beginning to find some balance, that’s pretty impressive especially when you’re doing it on your own! Juliex

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