Linen Mice Specials: The Red Shoes

First, thanks lovely ladies, who were kind enough to comment on my last post (you know who you are!), it’s really nice of you to still be reading, let alone commenting after my serious blog neglect and I really do appreciate it.

OK…where to start. The title says it all really, I guess.3965748679_4e68ed8727

Every year I find myself saying I’ll never make linen mice specials again. They are time-consuming and expensive to make, verses the price I feel I can sell them for; but then, every year, I get an idea into my head (I already have one for next year!) and I really struggle to let it go.1200

Like many little girls, I went through a phase of wanting to be a ballet dancer (somewhere between wanting to be a fairy and a nurse, probably) and I did dance for quite a few years as a child, before getting bored in secondary school and giving it up, something I later regretted. That and my penchant for watching old movies, again something I’ve done since I was a kid (we didn’t have many channels, you know, and only very limited kids TV….and we walked to school barefoot and were lucky to get jam on our bread, ha ha) meant I got obsessed with the idea of ‘The Red Shoes’ mice. I wont bang on about the movie, only say it’s fabulous and a classic and if you haven’t ever seen it, it’s definitely worth watching.

(On a side note, I just LOVE the colour of Moira Shearer’s hair….I’ve just comeback from the hairdressers and have gone my usual, similar, bright, fake red…wish I had her figure too!)dsc_0139I started them back in January, which is often the case for winter specials. I do quite a bit of designing and planning for the next festive season, just after one has passed; I think I just want to commit to some of the new ideas I’ve had that I don’t find time to make with all the craziness that happens in the run up to Christmas . dsc_0143There were mistakes, as always, with the odd swear word used, dsc_0140but I’ve managed to refine the making technique of mice to avoid the past pain of turning the whole thing out, skirts and all, through a teeny, tiny gap in the side. Bonus.img_20160415_135723On another side note, one Secret Cinema event I’d have loved to have attended, was ‘The Red Shoes’. A blogger at the time (no longer blogging, sadly) had a stall there and it was one of my first introductions to how Secret Cinema works. Oh, just looked and they have a very short movie/link to the experience if you want to get a feeling for how it works.dsc_0013I worked on them over the summer, Instagrammed them (and subsequently sold a few before I got to blog and list them, sorry);resshoesmouseeditedbut the last few have just gone live in the shop.dsc_0004dsc_0024I really am supposed to be winding down the things that don’t make a great profit, but at the same time, I really enjoy making them and they are always fun to photograph, usually because of the skirts and shoes…..we’ll see, maybe there will be more next year  after all 🙂

16 thoughts on “Linen Mice Specials: The Red Shoes

  1. They are so beautiful. I am very much a red shoe person, I think it it s because my mother wouldn’t let me have any as a child and I always had serviceable brown or black. x

  2. Hey Beth, these red shoe mice are gorgeous 🙂 love their dresses ❤ it must be a lot of work but it’s worth it for such lovely, quality products ❤ oww, I must check out the film, looks promising, thanks for suggesting it, there is something magical about ballet isn’t there 🙂 hope your having a lovely week so far, Safxxx

  3. They are so gorgeous that my 9y.o. son looked over at my screen (he’s supposed to be doing his homework) and shouted out ‘that’s adorable Mama!’. So, absolute winners I’d say.

  4. So beautiful… and oh, those red shoes! I have a pair of red shoes (purchased as an adult) and while they don’t get worn that often, I love them. I may be inspired to put them on today! Though not for the muddy walk to school, that would be daft…

    1. Ha, I started recently wearing my ‘nice’ shoes for school run as figure it’s such a shame for them to mostly sit in their boxes. Not sure it’d be a good idea for a muddy walk though. Bright shoes make me happy, hope they do the same for you!

    1. Thanks Julie, that’s very kind of you 🙂 I have so much reading to do, I’m sure I’ve missed loads of posts from you. Hope you’re all ready for Christmas? It must be fun in your house with so many of you. Hope they all help and you get to enjoy the day too! Merry Christmas to you all. Bxx

  5. I was one of the lucky ones to get an early red shoes mouse — and Gwennan absolutely loves it. It sits next to her red riding mouse. Did you know that Matthew Bourne has a version of The Red Shoes doing the theatre rounds at the moment? We’re hoping to go when it comes to Cardiff in March. CANNOT wait! 🙂

    1. I did know about the Matthew Bourne version, I imagine it’d be amazing to see so I am quite envious! Thanks so much for buying one of the mice, I love the idea of it living with Gwennan, she looks so amazingly elegant in your Instagram photos, I especially loved the recent ballet outfit you made – stunning! Happy Christmas to you all. Bx

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