Fairy and Ballerina Mice…

First, huge thanks for the response to the monster purse in the last post, sorry I haven’t replied to any of the comments yet, I’m a bit stressed at the moment and slightly loosing the plot. Β Basically, it sounds like if I made these and popped them in the shop they might well sell, it simply comes down to time, first I need to crack on with promised Christmas commissions and we’ll see how it goes.

And so, as the title suggests I have finally finished the Fairy and Ballerina Mice. Β I have to say, for some really odd reason these little ladies rather stretched me to the limit, I have broken 12 needles (yes, 12!!!!), thrown 10 little ballet shoe wearing legs in the bin (ribbons too short or twisted and unrecoverable) and twice stitched the fairy wings into a side seam.

The turning out of each Mouse was a squash and a squeeze.

But, I got there in the end and every little bit of effort was worth it as I love them.

So here they are.

Listed here

and here.

I couldn’t resist adding little ribbon roses, so they come with the obligatory ‘not suitable for children under 36 months’ but you could always remove the roses from the Ballerina mice.

I’ve shared them out between Folksy and my shop (as linked above) and now I feel a well deserved pink silk break, it’s on with Superhero Mice next!

PS, Spot the mistake in that last photo πŸ™‚

38 thoughts on “Fairy and Ballerina Mice…

    1. I’m in slight ‘panic finish promised Christmas commissions’ mode but the SH mice are half way there. Hopefully I’ll get there over the weekend and have something to show everyone. Glad you like the new mice πŸ™‚

  1. oh how sweet are they – you don’t need to tell me about mistakes as today I sewed some feet onto a head thinking they were the ears doh !!! The only thing I can see which might be wrong in the last pic is a dress folded up on the bottom right pink mouse – is that it ?

    1. Oh no! I blame it on the light, it’s confusing. She is most definitely trying to do a cancan and I don’t know why I didn’t spot it when I was photographing them – oh well, most are sold now so can’t re-photograph. Never mind πŸ™‚

    1. I know lots of the homes they have gone to so far from ‘blog world’ which is lovely. Really nice to have a picture in my head of where they are off to live. Bx

  2. helloha,
    i discovered your blog today and it is full of many wonderful things but i could NOT tell you how absolutely adorable these are πŸ™‚

  3. Oh they are pretty Beth! I love their cute little feet and the delicate little fairy wings.
    Looking forward to the superheros though, I’m sure you’ll get lots of advice from your boys on those!! πŸ™‚
    Vivienne x

    1. Vivienne, you don’t know how right you are, I am heading towards a slightly retro SH mouse but F is demanding something more like spiderman. Hummm. We’ll see!

  4. Yet again they are gorgeous. Love the attention to detail.
    Looking forward to seeing your superhero mice!
    You best be so busy Beth!
    Take it easy! Jenny x

    1. Thanks Jenny. The boys version is on it’s way, just waiting on a nice new shiny free embroidery foot for my very old machine. Bx

  5. Beth these are so pretty and dainty, my daughter would have loved to have taken one with her to the ballet when she was small..she used to charm her way into my Mum buying her anything to do with Angelina Ballerina….we all still chuckle!
    Hope life is a little calmer at the mo…its the time of year I think but I really do get a buzz from it..LOL!
    Jane x

    1. Crazy isn’t it? I also quite like it but I wish (as I do every year) that I’d done a bit more a bit earlier. When I made them I didn’t even think about Angelina Ballerina (having boys) but someone tweeted and I checked her out, she’s such a fab girly character, better than Gormitis!!. Bethx

    1. Hi Rachel, I’m glad you stopped by and thank you for taking the time to comment. Hope you enjoy checking out the shop πŸ™‚

  6. Absolutely stunning.
    I would never, in a million years have the patience to sew such delicate, pretty things.
    I can’t wait for Violet to open hers on Xmas morning.
    Look forward to seeing the little superheros.
    Jill xx

    1. Funny as I was sifting through my ‘other people’s photos’ file and found the one you sent of V opening the linen cat, such a lovely sweet smile, I hope she likes it and thanks a million for wanting one. Bx

  7. Oh my, they are just so beautiful! If only my daughter were just a bit older…they’re exactly what a little girl would adore.

    Love the monster purse too!

    1. Thanks Helen. I can imagine I might well have liked them as a little girl (I was Ballet mad for a few years), I am most definitely making up for having 2 boys!

  8. Oh my goodness, they are just too lovely for words. Their little shoes!

    Must be a nice change to get out the pink ribbons and flowers, when you’re surrounded by all the Boy-Stuff!

  9. Beth, these are wonderful. I really can’t see how you could have made them any more fantastic, tho’ I’m not surprised they were a bit of a b****r to make!
    I do hope things calm down a bit for you and that you start feeling a little bit less stressed. Juliex

  10. Oh Beth, they’re absolutely beautiful. I think the shoes with the little roses on the side are my favourite detail. Your attention to detail is just amazing, well done. x

  11. They are both lovely designs, but the ballerina wins it for me for some unknown reason – especially the one who wants to flip her skirt up and show usher pants!

    I can’t believe you broke 12 needles! After the first one broke I would have probably given up, and if I didn’t, after the third one had I would definitely think it wasn’t meant to be. So well done for persevering πŸ™‚
    c x

    1. I know, I broke another 3 the day after writing this post whist stitching just one skirt together! I think it’s a very tight area to sew so if I pull just slightly is nudges the needle onto the plate and it snaps. Not good, really need a new plate now 😦

      She’s a bit of a one isn’t she, miss show her knickers! I even considered using spotty fabric for ‘pants’ at one point, might have been fun.


  12. Oh these are sew sweet! I am sure there are going to be some very happy little girls clutching these on Christmas day! I think the different colour thread on the bodice is a nice “feature” (well thats what I always call my “mistakes”) πŸ™‚

    1. You have eagle eyes! Yes, I did use different thread on one bodice and you’re so right *ahem* most definitely a feature (honest) πŸ˜‰

  13. they are gorgeous! I’m thinking if I leave your shop open on my laptop, my husband might buy me one for christmas? No? Too much to hope for?

    1. Thanks Wendy and for all your lovely blog comments. Glad you enjoying reading all about the bits and bobs I make. Beth:)

  14. nope… I just couldn’t resist! Saw your tweet about stocks running low, and decided my best friends daughter *had* to have one, so put my order in for a little ballerina this evening πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks you, thank you! You got the lats but one Ballerina and she’s all packed up ready to go in the post Monday morning. Hope you like her! Bx

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