Something for the boy…

Just a quickie as I’m elbow deep in tutus and ballet shoes right now.

F has to sometimes take money into school, he’s recently decided he wants to buy his fruit at break, instead of getting the free fruit given to all Key Stage 1 kids (school say this is fine, I think he just likes the idea of handing over money and choosing) so I made him a quick small monster….’purse’?….

F chose the colours and specified 3 eyes and horns, so that’s what he got.

On the back I did a quick bit of machine embroidery, just to make sure it can’t get lost and there is a catch to attach it to F’s book bag.

Inside is lined with striped cotton and it’s a nice neat size, I was hoping it might fit in his trouser pocket but that’s unlikely.

Right, need to dash as the school run calls, hope he likes it!

21 thoughts on “Something for the boy…

  1. After your opening sentence I have this vision of you wading through ballet shoes and tutus. 🙂
    Must be nice for you to do something boyish.
    I think he’ll love it and I suspect if you made some more for your shop, quite a few people would love them too!
    It looks great Beth!
    Vivienne x

  2. It’s brilliant, everything from the cord fabric to the message on the back.
    I bet he’ll feel very proud of using his new monster purse.
    It reminds me a bit of zippy from Rainbow!
    Love it!
    Jenny x

  3. Thank you so much for the red bird – I love it , love the packaging too. I’ve just ordered a couple more :-).. Seriously think you should do these monster purses as I’d buy a couple of them ?

  4. He’s gonna love it.

    What a great idea to add his name and also a clip to attach it to his bag – children can be very forgetful.
    I think you’re going to be inundated with orders from your son’s friend’s mothers, as well as everybody else who loves your creations :0) I know quite a few folks who’d like one, me included.


  5. My son (now 21) had to take his money to school in a boring brown envelope, he would have loved one of these Beth. In fact as he still loses money now perhaps I should be buying him one? ….LOL!
    Jane x

  6. He’s wonderful, any chance of these gong in the shop before Christmas I know some little boys and girls who would love one!

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