The kindness of bloggers…

We have recently arrived back from the hospital where we collected M who had his collar pin operation yesterday (and is doing very well, although he’s in some pain which is to be expected). It’s all a bit stressful with small kids, their interest lasts about 10 seconds and they are always attempting to touch buttons/pull cables that they shouldn’t so by the time we arrived home I was getting a bit tense and short tempered to be honest.  However, waiting on the doormat was the most lovely surprise package all the way from the lovely Mia in snowy Finland.

I was so excited I actually waited until we’d had lunch before sneaking upstairs to my studio to open it in peace (I am the kind of person who likes to savour opening gifts).   I’ve been reading Mia’s blog for a long time now and she makes the most wonderful things, in fact we are enjoying her snowman coasters at the moment that I bought last year and one of her little birds hold my keys, which she also sent me as a generous gift.

Inside is the most beautiful pouch,

complete with Mia’s always thoughtful matching lining, beautifully made

and containing some wonderful goodies to cheer up my miserable self and family.  I am in fact munching on the chocolate as I type (it’s delicious) and the boys are happily sucking their Moomin lollies, in a moment I shall pop downstairs and put the grey felt heart on our tree.

Thank you dearest Mia for your kind and thoughtful gift, it really has cheered me immensely and reminds me of what a wonderful bunch of people I have been lucky to get to know through ‘blogworld’ and how much I appreciate the community I have found on-line.  I often find it hard to explain blogging and tweeting to people who have no real interest and think it’s all a bit weird, the thing I find the hardest to explain is that the friendships you make are very real and mean an awful lot.  Let’s face it, most of you reading understand this but I just felt it was worth saying.

OK, I’d best get my Nurse Nancy hat on and see how M is doing….maybe a tiny bit more chocolate first 😉

21 thoughts on “The kindness of bloggers…

  1. Ah she’s a clever girl that Mia, such beautiful gifts. 🙂
    Hope your hubby heals soon and if you’re as good at nursing as I am, you’ll need all the chocolate you can get! 😉
    V x

  2. Beautiful gifts! What perfect timing too. I totally understand what you are saying about blogging friends and sneaking away to open a package. 😉

  3. lovely gifts! hope your husband gets well soon. Have a good Christmas and hopefully stress free. I understand perfectly what you said about blogging friends.

  4. What a perfect pick me up Beth to greet you on your return home. Mia is such a sweetheart and her work just gorgeous. I totally agree about the blogging community we are amongst….such good friends despite the distances! I am glad your Hb’s op went well and if you need any physio advice…I’m here! Take care and if you don’t post again before Christmas have a wonderful family time.
    Jane x

  5. Oh Beth what a lovely surprise and it really did arrive at a good moment.
    I really hope M is feeling better soon. It sounds so painful and such a shame.
    I hope your feeling better too though I guess you don’t have time to nurse yourself!
    Take care Jx

  6. What a lovely surprise parcel! I hope you’re feeling better, Beth, and also wish M a speedy recovery.

    I remember when I was little, my Dad had pneumonia…it was quite a shock to see him in bed for the next month, when he had so rarely taken a (much needed) day off for past illnesses! Anyway, just make sure you look after yourself, and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas x

    1. Yes, I consider myself lucky, I was just reading about George Michael’s ordeal and I’m glad I only got a mild kind of bacteria!! It was very debilitating though and not something I hope to repeat soon. Bethx

  7. aahh that is wonderful and such perfect timing! I know what you mean re trying to explain blogging, it does sound strange when you try and explain it doesn’t it but it is so lovely to be part of x

    1. Yes, my school mum friends think I’m a bit weird on this front I think, chatting to people I don’t know and getting so involved. I love it though and am happy to be considered a bit odd 😉

    1. We do indeed! I hear it’s one of the most common break for cyclists. Hopefully M will stay on the bike for a while now 😉 Bx

  8. i must go and see in a minute mia’s work. i so know what you are going through with your husband as last year my hubby had a really arwful break to his lower leg, and with young children too its not long before you start feeling the stress. People in blog land are so caring and thoughtful even though you have never met. But do remember and i know everyone says it but do take that precious time out for yourself last thing is to get you all stressed out, especially at this time of year x x hope hubby gets better soon, helen x x

    1. You must go ‘visit’ Mia, she writes a lovely blog as well. It’s the down side of us living so far from both our families I think (M’s are in Germany and mine in Yorkshire) as there isn’t really anywhere to turn and I am not very good at asking for help from my local friends who all have busy family lives themselves. We’re good though, I feel almost normal and quite relaxed for Christmas, thanks for your kind words. Bethx

  9. Happy to make you smile, Beth!

    Wishing you all wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! May you all be in fantastic shape again soon!


      1. We’re big Moomin fans in our house – the Moomin purse I was given for Christmas a couple of years ago is much admired in shops, and this year I am giving Super Girl (my daughter) the Moomins cookbook 8o)

    1. We have a lot of moomin crockery for the boys, but there’s a cookbook?! I didn’t know that (she says dashing off to check it out). Bethx

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