Batman and Vampire Mice…

I have finally finished my last sewing project – hurrah!

Last night I quickly sewed up the cape for Vampire Mouse, which I have been trying to work on in secret whilst the boys are around.  This is more difficult than it sounds as my studio also has the spare bed in it and the boys like to ‘hang out’ there (it’s and old double brass Victorian thing) and watch tv (it’s the only other room in the house with a telly in it) plus M has made it his convalescence bed whilst resting his shoulder and ribs….I can’t lie I will be very excited to have it back to myself once everyone is back at school and work.

Anyhow here we are, Batman Mouse as requested by C when I refused to give up one of the new Pirate Mice I made for the shop.

and Vampire Mouse for F, both to be stuffed in the top of their stockings.  I have explained that I will leave them out for Santa to include in their gifts.

M and I just had a laugh that they will complain straight away that the details are wrong.  F is very specific about his ideas and likes to over think things, for instance he demanded dripping blood from the teeth of the vampire prompting a hasty bit of additional embroidery from me and as I was selecting fabric for batman cape there was talk of jet packs and ‘pointy bits on the arms’.  They are soooooo excited already, I think we’ll have to start counting down the hours soon 😉

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

15 thoughts on “Batman and Vampire Mice…

  1. Aww, what beautiful mice (a phrase I didn’t think I would ever say – you know what I mean!). The boys will adore them, I’m sure.
    Have a super Christmas, Beth and a fantastic 2012. Nina x

  2. Nothing quite like the excitment of children waiting for Santa!
    I think your little mice are brilliant, just love the blood!! 🙂
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas Beth!
    Vivienne x

  3. Boys love a certain kind of detail don’t they Beth! They will love to find Batman and Vampire Mouse on Christmas day…what a great Mum you are to them. Wishing you a Merry Christmas with your family.
    Jane x

  4. Your boys are so lucky. Those are fabulous! Hope you have a lovely Christmas Beth. I’m super excited about giving my husband his badger on Sunday. I know it’ll be a instant hit! (don’t have small boys at home, but do have a large one who gets childlike pleasure out of things that children would love).
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Stunning Beth, surely once the boys see them they won’t be able to complain!
    I just love the blood dripping from the teeth!
    I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and that you get your workroom back very soon!
    Jenny x

  6. Look at those wonderful mice, just love them! and look at your boys, so cute!

    Hope you get to make some pine cone bird feeders 🙂

    Have a fab week, take care Zoe x

  7. The little mice are wonderful but the boys are the sweetest, cutest and most adorable!

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas-time and even better New Year 2012!


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